Criminal Defense Attorney Timothy Denison Says “And Justice For All”

The Laws Offices of Timothy Denison are one of Jefferson County’s premier criminal defense representation firms. Mr. Denison brings over twenty-five (25) years of experience to his client’s representation and the staff at the Law Offices of Timothy Denison are primarily concerned with making sure you get compassionate assistance and the best possible outcomes. From […]

Need an Hourly Fee Legal Contract?

The legal profession today is fast-moving, ever-changing, and adding new lawyers, litigants and various third parties such as beneficiaries, heirs, etc. Gone are the days of the country lawyer doing business on a handshake or relying on a promise. In today’s legal environment the unwary lawyer who does so will like find himself, broke, victimized […]

Expungement Can Clear Your Criminal Record

Expungement Can Clear Your Criminal RecordWhat is an expungement? Why do I need an expungement? If I need one, how do I obtain an expungement? These are all excellent questions, especially for the novice violator who has never really had any exposure to the criminal system. Also, these are equally important questions to frequent fliers […]

UofL Student Arrested for Threats at Miller Hall

Police arrested a University of Louisville student for threatening to shoot people at Miller Hall (a campus dormitory). He made the alleged threats, via social media, stating he was high on amphetamines at the time. The post mentioned he intended to use his Mossberg shotgun. Another student read his post and contacted campus authorities. The […]

Tim Denison Defends A Kentucky Soldier

Attorney Timothy Denison Defends Ft. Campbell SoldierThe Constitution is the core of our legal system. Our military soldiers are the primary defenders of everything our Constitution protects. Louisville Criminal Defense attorney Timothy Denison is proud to be involved in a case involving a Ft. Campbell soldier. During a recent trip to Louisville, Michael Sparkman visited […]

Ray Rice Domestic Violence

By now many people have heard about the domestic violence situation involving NFL player Ray Rice and his then fiancée, Janay Palmer.  A video was released showing Ray pulling an unconscious Janay from the hotel elevator.  Based on that and an investigation by the NFL, Ray Rice was suspended for two games, amidst public outcry.  […]