Laurel County Dad Arrested

Prosecutors expect a murder indictment to be handed down in the case of a Laurel County dad arrested and charged with the murder of his son.  The child’s body was found inside the washing machine.  The father claims to have searched for his son, but left the property without him. Details are sketchy as to […]

McCreary County Shooting

A young man was found with gunshot wounds in a McCreary County shooting.  After being transported to the Wayne County hospital, he later died.  Police later arrested a man who’s been charged with murder in the case.  He’s being held at the Leslie County Detention Center. According to the available news reports, the man was […]

Triple Homicide in PRP

I’ve blogged extensively on the various Kentucky homicide charges.  In a recent news story regarding a triple homicide in Pleasure Ridge Park, the defendant may be subject to the death penalty.  He allegedly shot 3 people, while 2 children were in the next room.  The children were found in the home.  Investigators believe the crime […]

Live Stream of a Threat to Kill

Everyone wants to be a star.  Everyone wants their fifteen (15) minutes of fame.  A man was arrested in Oldham County after authorities viewed his live stream of a threat to kill a young child.  The defendant held a gun to the juvenile’s head and was heard on the Instagram live stream as he threatened […]

Owensboro Triple Homicide

Owensboro news reports are covering a story with some interesting twists.  Police showed up to a home to do a welfare check on one of the occupants.  When they arrived, they discovered two people inside who had died from gunshot wounds and two others who had also been shot.  The two survivors were rushed to […]

Algonquin Park Stabbing Victim Died

Reports announced that Mario Marks, the Algonquin Park stabbing victim, has died.  The assault happened several days ago.  Mr. Marks was found in a home after suffering multiple stab wounds.  He was taken to a hospital but died days later. There aren’t a lot of details known at this point.  Police have determined that the […]

Man Was Shot at Marathon Gas Station

Police are investigating the scene where a man was shot at a Marathon gas station on Rockford Lane, across from Farnsley Middle School. Police are releasing very few details.  One of the first things Louisville Metro police and detectives will do is to preserve any and all video surveillance footage.  Many people fail to remember […]

Kentucky Supreme Court Reversing a Double Murder Conviction

How many times have you read my blog posts detailing the importance of following the laws, procedures and protocols?  The rule of law depends on it.  Your rights and freedom depends on it.  In fact, it was just such a technicality that resulted in the Kentucky Supreme Court reversing a double murder conviction. The court […]

Murder and Attempted Suicide

WDRB reported on a Louisville shooting outside of a church.  When the police arrived, they found a woman, who was shot multiple times.  Shortly after arriving, police and investigators heard another gunshot.  They found a wounded man who appears to have been the man who shot the woman.  It appears this may have been a […]

Autistic Child Died in Hot Car

The Associated Press released a story regarding the arrest of a woman whose 5-year old autistic child died in a hot car.  The boy was buckled into his car seat, on an 85-degree day.  Normally, prosecutors have tremendous discretion in the decision to charge or not charge a parent in this type of case.  However, […]