Centerfield Shooting at a Circle K

Two, young men have been arrested in connection with an Oldham County investigation, following a Centerfield shooting at a Circle K on West State Highway 22.  While attempting to steal a case of beer, one of the men shot a person who was trying to stop them.  The victim was taken to the hospital with a non-life threatening wound.

Police recovered the pistol used to shoot the victim and subsequently arrested one of the defendants. The other defendant was later arrested during a traffic stop.  Even though I’ve been a Louisville criminal defense attorneyfor over 25 years, I’m intrigued by the number of people who are arrested during common traffic stops.  I’ve made multiple blog posts about how police can use this event to detain and arrest you for another crime.

The alleged shooter is charged with 1st-degree robbery, 1st-degree assault and tampering with evidence.  The other defendant is charged with 1st-degree complicity to robbery, assault and tampering with evidence.  One of the parents of a defendant has also been charged with tampering with evidence, because she was present while the men were attempting to get rid of the evidence.  Given the stolen property was a case of beer, you can imagine just what they did to get rid of it.  Sounds like the Centerfield Shooting at a Circle K may have resulted in a house party. Although, in all reality, the fact that the handgun had been buried most likely resulted in the charge of tampering with evidence.

The Centerfield Shooting Could Have Been Worse

Had the victim died from the shooting, the charges would have been much more serious.  They could have included murder or manslaughter.  The fact that a firearm was used in the commission the crime could also be used by prosecutors to argue for a harsher sentence.

Unlike the victim, the defendants may have definitely dodged a bullet.  Still, what a risk for a case of beer.