Louisville Woman Arrested for Shooting Her Husband

Louisville Woman Arrested for Shooting Her HusbandA Louisville woman arrested for shooting her husband needs to make some very important decisions, quickly.  First responders were called after a domestic dispute resulted in a gunshot wound.  They transported the husband to University of Louisville Hospital.  This facility is the region’s Level 1 Trauma unit, which is why so many people are taken there with life-threatening injuries.  Police later arrested the woman on assault charges.

Once detectives and prosecutors have collected the forensic evidence, including statements from the victim and possible eye-witnesses, additional charges may be forth-coming.

As of the drafting of this article, I am not aware of any updates regarding the husband’s medical condition.

What Decisions Need to be Made?

As a Louisville criminal defense attorney, the first decision a defendant needs to make is the hardest decision – not to say a single word to the officers, detectives, prosecutors or anyone else.  They are actively building a case against you and will use and/or manipulate each and every word you utter.

The next decision to be made is to whether you’ll hire a private attorney for legal representation.  As in life, you usually get what you pay for – and this includes the lawyer you hire.  However, this is no knock or jab on any of my public defender friends out there.  There are no more dedicated, diligent and competent advocates than the lawyers who work for the public defenders everywhere.

The following decision is one you need to make early in your own mind, especially in a case such as this one.  You need to decide to be 100% truthful with your attorney.  Holding back facts, lying or dodging tough questions will only work to bolster the prosecutions’ efforts.  Regardless of how clever you are (or think you are), they are pouring enormous amounts of time, effort and resources into your case.  They expect to win.  The more they can do to trip you up or catch your attorney off-guard in front of the judge, the closer you will be to a guilty verdict, a conviction and the penitentiary.

You have to let your attorney know everything you know so he or she can prepare for those questions and build a case in your favor.  Even if you don’t see a way to win, your attorney has probably been down this road hundreds of times and knows how to best represent you.  That’s why you hired him or her in the first place, isn’t it?

The woman arrested for shooting her husband is about to see how quickly and thoroughly the deck can be stacked against her in court.  It’s time for her to make some important decisions, while she and her attorney still have options.