Louisville Zoo Lawsuit Makes Bloomberg

the louisville zoo lawsuitLouisville attorney Tim Denison is representing a client in a federal case against the Zoo.  The Denison Louisville Zoo lawsuit was reported by Bloomberg, a major national news outlet.

The case involves the alleged cover-up of sexual harassment by employees and managers at the Louisville Zoo. The lawsuit is seeking $5,000,000 in damages.

Tim Denison’s female client (a facilities supervisor) reported incidences of workplace issues, including several which lead her to fear potential workplace violence.  The internal reports appear indicate that a proper investigation of the allegations was not performed by the management of the Louisville Zoo.

In fact, Mr. Denison’s client was actually investigated and performance reviews entered into her personnel file.  The same was not done for the people accused of the actual and repeated harassment.  It appears that the female supervisor was treated differently, and more harshly, than the male employees she reported.

There are laws protecting individuals from retaliation.  Laws exist on the federal, state and local levels.  There’s evidence to show that the Zoo officials have potentially broken several of these laws with regard to the harassment victim’s rights.

The Metro Department Human Resources issued a finding that the Louisville Zoo’s management failed to properly train and support its new supervisor (Tim Denison’s client).  Recommendations have subsequently been made as to how to correct and avoid the situation, in the future.

Louisville attorney Tim Denison has made a successful career of taking on complex cases at the federal and state level.  As an accomplished, criminal defense attorney, he’s been involved in many highly-publicized cases.  In some situations, he is successful in making sure various charges against his clients are dismissed before the progress to the next stage.

Tim Denison uses his legal experience to defend clients against injustice regardless of whether it’s an improper arrest, false charges, departmental abuse or even instances of retaliation by management.  The Louisville Zoo lawsuit is one more attempt to correct serious violations of Kentucky justice.