Man Was Shot at Marathon Gas Station

man shot at a marathon gas station

Police are investigating the scene where a man was shot at a Marathon gas station on Rockford Lane, across from Farnsley Middle School.

Police are releasing very few details.  One of the first things Louisville Metro police and detectives will do is to preserve any and all video surveillance footage.  Many people fail to remember that closed circuit TV is used as part of a security system around gas stations, ATMs and many other public areas.  Even though it would appear that no witnesses are in the area, there’s a strong chance that the video surveillance footage may have captured a picture of the shooter, the vehicle and its license plate and more.

Current reports indicate that the man was shot at a Marathon gas station, but appears to have avoided life-threatening injuries.  No further information was available at the time this article was written.

What Charges Might Be Brought?

Once the investigators and prosecutors have the shooter in custody, there are a variety of potential charges, depending upon the available evidence.

Obviously, if the victim dies as a result of the gunshot wound, capital murder charges could be brought.  Again, based on the available information, the wound doesn’t appear to be life-threatening.

Attempted murder or attempted manslaughter may also be options.  As I’ve explained in previous posts, if the prosecution can prove there was “intent,” a charge of murder could come into play.  Absent the actual intent, manslaughter or attempted manslaughter may be the criminal charge.

Assuming the victim survives, if the evidence isn’t as concrete or conclusive, there’s the option of charging the shooter with wanton endangerment or some lesser form of assault.

If you’ve been involved with a serious gun crime, you’ll need an experienced, Louisville criminal defense attorney.  More importantly, you need to get one quickly.  There are facts and evidence that need to be reviewed, included and possibly excluded on procedural grounds.  The full weight of the Commonwealth Attorney’s office is about to be unleashed.  It’s time to seek legal counsel.