Murder Conviction Could Result in the Death Penalty

death penalty plea bargain

After four men allegedly completed a drug deal, in Elizabethtown, the dealer was shot multiple times.  The group reportedly took the money and pills and left the scene.  They were recently arrested and charged with murder and first-degree robbery.  One of the men is also charged with tampering with physical evidence.

Now, as a Louisville criminal defense attorney who’s handled numerous murder cases, this situation presents an interesting opportunity.  In most cases, each of the four men would probably seek representation from separate attorneys.  If I were involved, which I’m not, I’d have a serious discussion with my client to determine exactly who did what.  If there’s any chance I could build a case around the fact that my client was only an accessory to the crime and not the actual shooter, my client has a better chance.

When Should Someone Ask for a Plea Bargain?

In this particular news story, it’s reported that two of the men actually shot the victim.  If that holds up, the other two have a chance of reaching a plea deal on lesser crimes.  The objective is to minimize the sentence, assuming I couldn’t get a not-guilty verdict for my client.  The reason is simple, this murder conviction could result in the death penalty.

I’ve laid out the various differences between murder and manslaughter, under Kentucky law.  On my website and blog, you’ll also find many articles about Kentucky drug charges. Given the possible range of sentences involved, the prosecution is going to try to turn each of the four defendants against the others.  Depending on the evidence, the circumstances involved and the criminal records of the accused, at least one of the defendants may provide testimony to the prosecutors to save himself.  In the end, when multiple people are charged for the same felony crime, it turns out to be every man for himself.  It’s especially true when the murder conviction could result in the death penalty.

An Important Decision

If you’ve been arrested for a homicide, many factors need to be considered.  The most important one is which Kentucky criminal defense attorney do you want to represent you?  The outcome of this decision is going to have a dramatic impact on the rest of the decisions that’ll be made as your case makes its way through the court system.  Make sure this decision is made correctly.  Remember, it’s every man for himself.