Owensboro Drug Arrest

Owensboro drug arrestI’ve written about karma in a previous post.  Everyone knows there is good karma and there is bad karma.  You have to wonder if a recent Owensboro drug arrest isn’t a case of bad karma.  A man was wanted on an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court.  Police received a Crime Stoppers tip that he was located at a house in Owensboro.  When they showed up to arrest the man, he wasn’t there.  However, when they entered the house, the man who actually owns the home was found to have enough proof of drug activity to enable the police to call in and obtain a warrant to search the house.

Police discovered the following:

  • 2,000 Extasy pills
  • An undetermined about of Xanax
  • Soma pills
  • Various other prescription drugs
  • Marijuana wax
  • THC cartridges for use in e-cigarettes
  • Marijuana
  • 9 firearms
  • Over $1,000 in cash and
  • Various items typically used in the sale of illegal drugs

Enhancing Felony Charges

The homeowner was arrested and charged with various felonies for trafficking of controlled substances.  Because firearms were involved, the felony charges will be increased.

In many situations, guns are considered to be aggravating factors and thus will add to the base charge.

The man originally targeted for the arrest warrant was later found and arrested.  However, he was not tied to the Owensboro drug arrest.  As for the arrested homeowner, I have to think he’s feeling a little like Schwartz in A Christmas Story when Ralphie’s mom called to inform his mother about the bad word he allegedly said.  Both were minding their own business when things suddenly went terribly wrong.

I’ve handled hundreds of Kentucky drug crime cases.  I know the techniques police and prosecutors use to build their cases.  Nevertheless, when they just stumble onto a crime scene, you have to rely on your experience as a criminal defense attorney to find holes in the process.

In making this Owensboro drug arrest, did the police obtain a proper search warrant?  Did they exceed the authorization provided to them by the warrant?  Did they properly secure the evidence?  There are many ways an overzealous police officer can cut corners to make an arrest if he or she is so inclined.

If you’ve been charged in a drug crime, you need a trial lawyer who’s not afraid to question each and every detail and assertion made by the police and the prosecutors.  I defend the Constitution every day by protecting the rights of people who are dealing with our legal system.  You have rights.  One of those rights is to hire the best attorney you can afford.  My office phone number is (502) 589-6916.  Is it time for us to have a confidential conversation?