Owensboro Triple Homicide

Owensboro triple homicide investigationOwensboro news reports are covering a story with some interesting twists.  Police showed up to a home to do a welfare check on one of the occupants.  When they arrived, they discovered two people inside who had died from gunshot wounds and two others who had also been shot.  The two survivors were rushed to a hospital, where one of them later died.  The lone survivor is listed in critical condition.  How are police going to handle this Owensboro triple homicide?

Owensboro police arrested a man using a contempt of court charge.  This man is wanted in connection with the crime.  They are questioning him about the details of the shooting and to find out if he has information regarding a second man who is also wanted for questioning.

Defense Attorney Strategy

At this point, the lone survivor and anyone else who was involved in the Owensboro triple homicide are the only people who actually know what happened.  It’s unclear if the four people who were found inside the home are actually related.  One or more of them may have actually attempted to assault or murder the others.

As a Louisville defense attorney who’s handled murder cases, I’m going to put a bubble around my client.  I want to minimize the information he/she provides until there’s a solid understanding of the facts leading up to the incident and the specifics of the actual shooting.

Is there enough evidence to prove that one of the deceased was the actual shooter?  After all, there’s only one survivor, which means there’s really only one story.

Police, detectives and forensic experts are gathering as much evidence as possible as they attempt to piece together their version of the story.  Now, depending upon what they learn from the man they’ve arrested, and the one they’re still pursuing, the situation could change.

If one or both of these men attacked the four individuals, is there are potential self-defense claim to be made?  Either one of the two men may claim to only have been an accessory to the crime, not the actual shooter.

As this Owensboro triple homicide case develops, you can be sure that how both the prosecution and the defense attorney(s) involved will look for every detail possible to build a version of the story to use in court.  It won’t be easy.  However, from a purely legal standpoint, it sure will be interesting to watch.

Link to news story:  http://www.wave3.com/2019/01/18/dead-hurt-after-owensboro-shooting/