Potential Henryville Drug Rehab Center

Henryville drug rehab centerAs a Louisville criminal defense lawyer who’s handled hundreds of drug cases in my 27+ years, I’m happy to learn of a proposed Henryville drug rehab center in Southern Indiana.  Now, I’m not yet sure if Jefferson County would be able to send people to this center, but it’s a very positive step for our Kentuckiana community as a whole.

The discussions regarding a potential Henryville location are in the preliminary stages, but I’m hopeful that an agreement can be reached.  Jefferson County attorneys and judges are overwhelmed with the onslaught of opioid-related arrests.  This is in addition to all the other drugs, including meth, cocaine, pot, etc.  We have an interest in treatment facilities for a number of reasons.

The primary reason is that we have a shortage of available resources for this type of detox and rehabilitation.  In fact, the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections is the largest “detox center” in the state.  There should be other options.

Jefferson County Judge Stephanie Burke has been extremely involved with the direction of our Drug Court.  Judges have the option of alternative sentencing including drug rehab programs, assuming there’s an available spot in the local centers.  But if there’s not a spot available, that limits what any judge can do effectively.

As a criminal defense attorney, I always look for options to avoid jail time for my clients.  If I can’t get the case and charges dismissed, I begin looking for alternative ways to mitigate the imposition of penalties.  Sometimes, enrollment in a drug rehab center and/or home incarceration program can be considered as options.  Unfortunately, with home incarceration, the core issue of drug addiction isn’t necessarily addressed or corrected.

I know I’m truly helping my client if I can get him/her into ongoing treatment for whatever problem or addiction he or she may have at the time.  Yes, I’m there to defend their rights,  but after over 25 years of practicing law, I also know there are multiple ways to save a life.  It’s not just about avoiding the death penalty or a death sentence.

A new Henryville drug rehab center may give our community another great option to help people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.  We need more options that address the problems directly to enable the justice system to truly do what’s best for our citizens…all of them.


Link to news story:  http://www.wdrb.com/story/39589228/new-567acre-substance-rehab-facility-proposed-for-henryville