Pulaski County Drug Arrest

I’ve written at length about the need for police officers to obtain a warrant before entering a home or business.  Your 4th Amendment right against illegal search and seizure protects you from law enforcement entering your premises, without your permission.  In many cases, defendants decide to voluntarily allow them to enter.  This effectively surrenders your […]

LMPD Seized 15,000 Ecstasy Pills

The 1st Division Impact Unit of LMPD seized 15,000 ecstasy pills, 2 pounds of meth, $25,000 in cash and several firearms.  They arrested 2 men, one of whom was a convicted felon.  While this case will slowly begin working its way through the criminal justice system, a Louisville criminal defense attorney will be working quickly. […]

Bowling Green Drug Arrest

WBKO ran a story describing a Bowling Green drug arrest.  The defendant was in an apartment when the police showed up based on a tip.  They smelled marijuana coming from the unit.  Residents had complained about potential drug deals. When asked, the man consented to a police search of his residence.  As a result, police […]

Heroin Resurgence in Kentucky

There is currently a heroin resurgence in Kentucky.  Heroin is currently the hottest illegal drug in the country and is making a comeback from its’ heyday in the 1970’s. While forty (40) years ago, heroin was more expensive and more difficult to obtain than certain other drugs of that era, the modern day heroin is cheap […]