Traffic Stop Resulted in a Somerset Meth Bust

Somerset meth bustThere’s a reason police, detectives, DEA agents and others law enforcement professionals move slowly.  Once they discover a possible drug trafficking situation, they want to make sure their investigation yields the best results possible.  That was the case with a February traffic stop that lead to a much bigger case.  This traffic stop resulted in a Somerset meth bust that caused the local constable to comment it that “it was the biggest drug bust of my career.”

Back in February of this year, local law enforcement made a traffic stop at a Wendy’s.  They found suboxone strips, scales, cash and almost 30 grams of meth in the vehicle.  They could have made a big deal of it and commenced to patting each other on the back at the local doughnut shop.  However, like many law enforcement agencies, they took a more deliberate approach.

The information from the stop gave them enough information to begin observing a home in a local neighborhood.  The investigation went on for several weeks.  They slowly developed a case to substantiate probable cause for their Somerset meth bust.  They were later able to secure a warrant to search the neighborhood home.

Once they entered the home, they seized drug paraphernalia including digital scales and baggies.  They recovered almost $400 in cash and a surprising 900 grams of methamphetamine.  An arrest was made.  The defendant will appear in Pulaski District Court on various drug charges.

As a Louisville criminal defense attorney who’s handled hundreds of drug cases, I’ve seen the numerous tactics law enforcement uses to secure potential state drug charges and federal drug charges.  I’m good at what I do, but I’ll tell you this, most of the time they don’t mess around.

Kentucky drug charges are serious and need to be taken as such.  If federal charges are involved, the federal sentencing guidelines can be extremely strong.  These are not the cases you want to turn over to a young attorney without the necessary experience to properly defend the accused.  Federal prosecutors, Kentucky Commonwealth Attorneys and even local county prosecutors are professionals.  The defendant involved in this Somerset meth bust is about to see that first-hand.

I have over 25 years of experience battling for my clients.  That’s exactly what drug cases are.  They’re legal battles.  If you or a family member has been arrested, or feel an investigation might be underway, you need to seek competent, experienced legal counsel.  Don’t wait.  Time simply allows law enforcement to gather additional information, most of which can and will be used against you.  I handle drug cases on a statewide basis.