“Sometimes you need brains,
sometimes you need brawn,
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you need Tim Denison.”

Louisville Kentucky Criminal Defense Lawyer

Louisville Kentucky Criminal Defense Lawyer

In criminal defense cases, my primary goal is to tear down the prosecutor’s case, piece by piece. That is seldom done in one step. I look for any weakness in the case, whether large or small, and begin jabbing away. Is there evidence that can be excluded? Are there witnesses who can be discredited? No weakness is too small to exploit to the client’s advantage.

I am Timothy Denison, a Louisville criminal defense attorney with more than 32 years of experience. I take a tough approach, because your future is on the line. My record of success speaks for itself. Don’t take my word for it. Read testimonials from past clients.

What Have You Been Accused Of?

Overcoming challenges is what I’m built to do. No matter how intense your case seems, no matter how serious the potential repercussions, you can expect me to go full force in order to protect your future. I defend against all charges in criminal court, including:

I also handle college student criminal defense. When college students are accused of crimes, their futures are on the line. A conviction could cut them off from pursuing the career of their choice, and there are other hidden repercussions, even if the charge is relatively minor. This is why it is critical for college students to be represented by an aggressive and knowledgeable lawyer.

If you have an arrest record or criminal record that you would like erased, you can turn to me for assistance with expungements.

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