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Don’t Let A Marijuana Arrest Spoil Your Future

College students accused of marijuana possession often think that this is not a big deal. That’s a mistake. Background checks and criminal record checks are prevalent and now virtually everyone uses them in hiring potential new employees, especially college students.

The job market is getting increasingly competitive. Once you start pursuing your career, you will find that even this relatively minor charge makes things difficult. After all, if an employer has a number of qualified candidates to choose from, why would they choose the one with a criminal record? Not to mention the fact that, if you are getting student loans or financial aid you may be cut off, making it difficult to even finish your education.

Fight Charges Of Possession Of Pot

My name is Timothy Denison. In my more than 32 years as a Louisville student marijuana charge lawyer, I have helped countless people like you walk away from college crime charges. Rest assured I can help you too. Do I sound cocky? Probably, but the fact of the matter is that I can stand behind what I say and the proof is in my record of results.

I will attack the charges against you. Was everything handled properly by the police or were your constitutional rights violated in the process? I may be able to get evidence thrown out, leading to the whole case being dismissed.

Fight All Marijuana Charges

Perhaps you have been charged with something more serious than pot possession. Perhaps you have been accused of selling marijuana. I can defend against drug sale and trafficking charges, and all other charges. As your attorney, I will fight to keep your record clean.

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