Louisville Kentucky Judicial Misconduct Defense Lawyer

Louisville Kentucky Judicial Misconduct Defense Lawyer

When judges are accused of misconduct, they want a lawyer known for defending judges. That’s me, Timothy Denison. With more than 32 years of experience on my side, I have built a reputation for helping judges protect the careers they have worked so hard for.

Examples Of Judicial Misconduct

Judicial misconduct is defined as any act committed by a judge that could be considered unethical or does not adhere to the judge’s commitment to impartiality. Judges are often surprised that behavior they considered minor could lead to allegations of misconduct, such as making inappropriate remarks in the courtroom.

These cases may also involve a wide range of docket control issues. For example, a judge may be accused of failing to rule on a case in a reasonable amount of time. Some cases can involve very serious allegations, including tampering with evidence.

Aggressively Defending The Careers Of Judges

When you choose me to serve as your Louisville judicial misconduct defense attorney, you can be confident that I am prepared to overcome any challenge. While I always start with a willingness to negotiate, I will never shy away from taking matters to the next level. In some cases, it may be perfectly reasonable to use negotiation strategies to obtain reduced sanctions. In others, it may make more sense to fight the allegations to the highest level. After all, your career may be on the line. I am no stranger to the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission, nor am I a stranger to the Kentucky Supreme Court in dealing with these matters.

Free Consultation With A Kentucky Judicial Conduct Defense Attorney

Judicial Court Defense Lawyer Tim Denison is not afraid to defy conventions, redefine norms or push the boundaries to come up with creative means of winning your case. To discuss your case with Tim call 502-589-6916or send an email today.

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