I have known Tim for nearly 20 years. Tim is one of the preeminent criminal defense practitioners in Louisville and the Commonwealth. He is a tenacious and experienced defender who brings an unyielding loyalty to the clients lucky enough to have him If I were ever in trouble, he is the guy I would call.

Gregory Butrum, Fellow Lawyer in the Community

I recently retired from the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD).  While serving the city of Louisville for over 26 years, I’ve had well over 1,000 criminal cases in the Jefferson County court system and dealt with defense attorneys of all shapes, sizes and colors.  I’ve dealt with attorneys that were very respected and attorneys that were not respected by the police or other attorneys.  In my twenty-six (26) years, I’ve come to know attorney Tim Denison as a STAND UP, OUTSPOKEN, IN YOUR FACE PERSON and ATTORNEY.  He has earned the respect of the Police Department and the people he has defended in court who were arrested or cited by the police.

My wife and I recently had a problem with an organization that had wronged us and because I had seen Tim at work in court, we chose him as the attorney we wanted to represent us.  Very recently, TIM WON OUR CASE!!!

Now Tim doesn’t have a TV commercial giving himself a name of a tool out of your tool box like the screwdriver or the hammer nor a name from an animal at the zoo like the bear or the tiger BUT if I were asked to give him a name for his commercials, I’d choose WARRIOR.  So if you or someone you know has an upcoming BATTLE in court, choose a WARRIOR. Choose TIM DENISON.

Steve Cambron, LMPD, Retired

I have known Tim Denison for over 20 years. Tim is one of the very best attorneys I know. I have been in law enforcement for 29 years. I know most attorneys in Louisville and recommend Tim Denison to anyone who needs one of the very best – for advice, council and representation.

Tim is very easy to talk to and is so down to earth. He is extremely focused and listens to everything you say. He will repeat things back to you and makes sure everything is correct.
I believe in and respect Tim. He is confidant, experienced, thorough and diverse in the judicial process. If you need an attorney, call Tim and he will help you! He has the respect of police officers, attorneys, judges and the court system. Once you meet Tim, you will see he is the right attorney for you.

Al Farris, Police Commander, Retired

I’ve known Tim Denison since about 1993. Any time I need legal help or even advice regarding my business and/or career, I’ve been able to call Tim. He’s always more than happy to help where he can. Over the past few years, we’ve become friends – beyond just a normal attorney/client relationship. Tim’s very down to earth. He’s just a good guy who’s easy to talk to because he explains things in a way that’s easy to understand. I never feel like he’s talking down to me. That’s part of the reason I can honestly say I’ve never had a bad experience in working with him. As far as I’m concerned, he’s got a terrific track record. Part of Tim’s success is because he really knows the judicial system and the key players. He’s well thought of in Louisville and throughout the state. I’ve even recommended to Tim to friends and he’s always taken good care of them.

Jerry “The King” Lawler

When I contacted Tim Denison, I had a lot of major issues going on in my life. Tim handled all of them (several pending felony and misdemeanor charges, restitution issues, a custody proceeding, several federal and international concerns, the theft of my property and an injury to my arm). I actually had a team of other attorneys handling my situation, but it was a disaster. They didn’t communicate well together. Tim totally took control of everything. His knowledge is second to none, in my opinion. Tim can be brutally honest – but I depended on that. He always took my calls and wasn’t worried about the hours he had to work. He doesn’t run an 8-5 office. He’s there to get it done.Tim never gave up. I continue to trust him 100%. If he tells you he’s going to do something, he’ll do it. If he needs to change course, he’ll let you know exactly why and what he’s going to do. I’m no longer anxious and scared. I trust Tim with my life and my children’s lives. From time to time, Tim even calls to check in on me to make sure I’m doing okay. I’d absolutely recommend Tim Denison and have already done so several times!

Natalie Rowe

I’m an MP getting ready to deploy for my 4th combat tour. Tim Denison was able to get a unanimous jury verdict of not guilty on a DUI charge in Hardin county. For military personnel, this kind of charge is extremely serious. Had Tim not won my case, I could have lost my position as a squad leader, severely hurt my chances of being promoted and receiving awards, and I may have even been moved to a different section. I spoke with several lawyers before I selected Tim. Most of them immediately started talking about their plans to resolve the case, but those weren’t the plan I wanted. I could tell from the start that Tim is extremely confident and could take charge. I liked how he was going to attack my case. It became a personal challenge for him. During the case, he was strong. Tim has a gift of being able to analyze the situation. He knew the questions to ask and how to formulate a plan. Tim was always a step ahead. If I was going into battle, I knew I could count on him to watch my back. I would absolutely recommend Tim to other military personnel and civilians. I had many obligations due to my military service and Tim was very flexible. He’s easy to contact and made sure to get back with me if he needed to do it. Tim will make a strong effort to resolve the issues. He’s a valiant warrior in the field of law.

Sergeant David Escamilla
US Army, Ft. Knox, KY

Tim Denison’s not cheap. He’s just worth it! I’m a stay at home mom and was very happy with the way Tim worked around my schedule. It was always easy to meet with him, sometimes I’d go to Louisville and sometimes he’d come to Elizabethtown. His responsiveness really sets him apart. The fact that he looks you in the eye means a lot. When Tim looks at you, you just know that he’s very focused on what you have to say and isn’t thinking about another client or something else. He cares because it’s important to you.
I’ve recommended Tim Denison to several friends…really, anyone who needs legal help. If you want a real lawyer, he’s the one. When it comes to a legal situation, I don’t want the cheapest guy. I want the one I think is going to win. When I first met Tim, he had hair down his back. I thought he was a cross between Bob Seger and Meatloaf. You’ve got to be bad to walk in to court like that! Tim’s not some stuffed shirt, pompous attorney. It’s like you’re part of a family. In fact, I’ve actually invited him to a holiday dinner. How many other lawyers would you do that for?

Val Stokan

I’ve known Tim for 30 years. My father was a Chicago attorney for 50 years. Several others in my family were also lawyers. When I say Tim Denison is a first-class attorney, I know what I’m talking about. Tim Denison has a terrific personality and an excellent demeanor both one-on-one and in the courtroom. Truthfully, I really like him as a person. Lawyers should be careful about the cases they take. If he doesn’t think he can win, he won’t take the case. Unfortunately, some don’t tell you that up front. Tim doesn’t waste your time. If he takes your case, he’ll be ready to fight the battle.

Every case is different. Tim Denison really understands this point. He’ll look outside the box to deal with the reality of the situation. He got professionals involved who could actually help. He gets the people who are appropriate for the situation. Bottom line, he doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to practicing law, because as human beings, we aren’t cookie-cutter either.

Wolf Cowen

You get what you pay for. When your neck’s on the line, you don’t want the cheapest lawyer in the room. I’ve been a wrestler since I was 19 years old. Years ago, I was on my way to a match and got pulled over for speeding. They took me to jail and impounded my car. I called my friend, Jerry Lawler, and he recommended Tim Denison. Tim got me out of jail. I was immediately comfortable with him. He’s very easy to talk to about everything related to your case. You can be very confident that what you say will stay between you and Tim. It’s all about “Trust.” Tim will always have your back. The best thing is that you’ll never have to second-guess the decisions. He’s very dependable…someone you can really count on when it gets tough. No matter how serious or small the issue is, if he says he’s going to help, he’s there. Over the years, Tim’s helped me with traffic tickets, DUI charges, even assault and wanton endangerment charges from a fight. Tim’s been there for me through it all. I’ve sent tons of people to him for all sorts of issues and charges. They come to me because they know that I know the right attorney.

Todd “Morton” Stratton

“I’m very pleased with the outcome of my case. I actually found Tim through a referral from another attorney. Tim Denison will fight for you. If you think you just need the best deal you can get, he’ll go after it. I had absolute confidence in Tim. In my opinion, he did everything right and everything I thought he should have done. I’d absolutely recommend Tim, especially if you’re dealing with a difficult, or ugly, situation.”

Jody Wills

As a judge, I had the opportunity to watch numerous attorneys in both criminal and civil trial proceedings. Tim Denison was always prepared for trial and very well researched. He’s one of the better trial lawyers I know in Louisville. When it came to presenting his case, Tim’s arguments were very well reasoned from a legal basis. I felt that he was very effective in court – in a large part, due to his preparation. It was obvious that Tim believed in his clients and their rights. One of the more memorable cases was a situation in which Tim’s client (a Cuban), was caught with a kilo of cocaine. It was a tough case and he was able to get the minimum sentence on it. Given the circumstances, this was a major achievement.

Stephen Ryan, Judge (ret.)