Whitesville Double Murder

Western Kentucky residents are much calmer after an arrest for a Whitesville double murder.  Whitesville is in Daviess County, Kentucky.  Several weeks after an altercation, a 17-year old showed up at a party and shot three people.  Two of those people have died (both teenagers) while another sustained non-life threatening injuries. Authorities intend to try […]

Murder Conviction Could Result in the Death Penalty

After four men allegedly completed a drug deal, in Elizabethtown, the dealer was shot multiple times.  The group reportedly took the money and pills and left the scene.  They were recently arrested and charged with murder and first-degree robbery.  One of the men is also charged with tampering with physical evidence. Now, as a Louisville […]

Representing Andrew Clooney

You may have seen the news stories and headlines about the Louisville attorney who was recently indicted on 34 felony counts related to money allegedly not paid to his clients.  I’m representing Andrew Clooney in this high-profile, local case.  My client is facing a potential 20-year sentence. Here’s a link to a recent Wave3 News […]

Trafficking in a Controlled Substance

A Lexington woman was arrested and on charges of possession and trafficking a controlled substance in Bardstown.  During a traffic stop, law enforcement found meth, paraphernalia (including a scale, plastic bags, syringes and spoons), and quite a bit of cash. What is Possession of a Controlled Substance? Possession of a controlled substance involves methamphetamine, lysergic […]

Man was Charged with Fleeing and Evading

Police arrived at the Quality Inn in Louisville on a report of domestic violence.  A man attempted to escape the area on foot.  When police caught up with him, they noticed he was missing his fanny pack.  Now, in full disclosure, I wouldn’t want to be caught with one either.  However, when officers searched the […]

Laurel County Dad Arrested

Prosecutors expect a murder indictment to be handed down in the case of a Laurel County dad arrested and charged with the murder of his son.  The child’s body was found inside the washing machine.  The father claims to have searched for his son, but left the property without him. Details are sketchy as to […]

Fentanyl Arrest Made

The long arm of the law is also a patient arm of the law.  News reports are focusing on Fentanyl issues.  In a recent story, the defendant was allegedly involved in a fatal, drug overdose involving heroin laced with fentanyl in April, 2018.  He was later indicted on drug trafficking charges, but didn’t appear in […]

Traffic Stop Resulted in a Somerset Meth Bust

There’s a reason police, detectives, DEA agents and others law enforcement professionals move slowly.  Once they discover a possible drug trafficking situation, they want to make sure their investigation yields the best results possible.  That was the case with a February traffic stop that lead to a much bigger case.  This traffic stop resulted in […]

McCreary County Shooting

A young man was found with gunshot wounds in a McCreary County shooting.  After being transported to the Wayne County hospital, he later died.  Police later arrested a man who’s been charged with murder in the case.  He’s being held at the Leslie County Detention Center. According to the available news reports, the man was […]

Triple Homicide in PRP

I’ve blogged extensively on the various Kentucky homicide charges.  In a recent news story regarding a triple homicide in Pleasure Ridge Park, the defendant may be subject to the death penalty.  He allegedly shot 3 people, while 2 children were in the next room.  The children were found in the home.  Investigators believe the crime […]