Louisville Student Alcohol Charge Attorney

College Alcohol Charges Can And Should Be Fought

More often than not, when a college student is accused of a crime, it is alcohol-related. My name is Timothy Denison. I am a Louisville student alcohol charge lawyer defending against:

For many college students, facing these charges is a rite of passage, so to speak. For years to come, stories will be shared about the arrest and the circumstances that led up to it. Make certain your story includes a finale about how you have no criminal record because you hired a tough attorney to fight the alcohol-related charges.

These Charges Are Not As Harmless As You May Think

Campus drinking arrest cases are so common that some start to believe they are harmless. That is not the case. Being convicted could lead to you being cut off from student loans and financial aid, which could prevent you from completing your education. Even if that does not happen, a criminal record is best avoided at all costs. The employers you want to work for may not see your criminal record as a small thing, especially when there are other qualified applicants who do not have a single mark on their records.

For more than 32 years, I have fought to make certain that college students like you do not spend the rest of their lives regretting one little mistake. There are options. I know what they are and how to make certain they work to your benefit.

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