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Everyone these days wants to show they are tough on drug crimes. I am drug defense attorney Tim Denison and I like to level the playing field in the war against drugs by providing equally tough defense to those who are facing trafficking, possession or manufacturing charges for cocainemeth, crack and other drugs.If you are facing a drug charge, do not raise your hands in surrender just yet. Call me and find out what I can do for you. When you work with my firm, Timothy Denison, Attorney at Law, you get a proven attorney with over 25 years of experience and a reputation for being brick-house tough. Contact my office in Louisville, Kentucky, to find out how I can help you.

Tough Defense for Drug Crime Cases

In Louisville, Kentucky, the word is out that I am the one to call if you are facing a drug crime charge. This is what I do and I do it well. My reputation is built on word-of-mouth endorsements from clients who have seen me in action.

I provide aggressive defense strategies for clients against federal and state charges, including:

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Drug charges lawyer Tim Denison is not afraid to defy conventions, redefine norms or push the boundaries to come up with creative means of winning your case. To discuss your case with Tim call 502-589-6916or send an email today.