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It is much more complex and difficult to defend a drug charge in a federal court than in state court. Here is a hard fact: the federal government does not bring charges unless they feel they have an air-tight case. They do not like to lose. If you are facing federal charges, you need a federal drug crime defense lawyer who will not be intimidated by the federal authorities.

When you work with my firm, Timothy Denison, Attorney at Law, you get a proven attorney with the federal drug charge defense experience you need and the backbone you want. From my office in Louisville, Kentucky, I have defended clients in federal court against a wide range of drug crimes.

What You Are Up Against

If you are facing a federal a federal drug charge, you need to know what you are up against. Federal cases generally include exhaustive evidence — recorded conversations, surveillance photos, financial records. Federal prosecutors are thorough and tough. They do not play around.

Federal cases, unlike state drug cases, also have very specific sentencing guidelines and offer very little flexibility in the interpretation of how those guidelines should be applied. Options such as probation or home confinement are often off the table.

What They Are Up Against

You know what you are up against, but you need to consider what they are up against too. When you work with me, attorney Tim Denison, you have over 32 years of experience on your side. I have worked enough federal cases to be familiar with the prosecutors, judges and federal sentencing guidelines. I have tried over 100 jury trials. I have done battle with the big boys — the FBI and DEA — and have enjoyed my share of victories.

In Louisville, my name is synonymous with aggressive representation for drug crimes. I have defended clients against federal charges including:

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Federal charges carry serious penalties. Whether your offense included crack, cocainemeth, marijuana or other controlled substances, hire a serious criminal defense lawyer. Federal Drug Charges Lawyer Tim Denison is not afraid to defy conventions, redefine norms or push the boundaries to come up with creative means of winning your case. To discuss your case with Tim call 502-589-6916or send an email today.