Algonquin Park Stabbing Victim Died

Algonquin Park StabbingReports announced that Mario Marks, the Algonquin Park stabbing victim, has died.  The assault happened several days ago.  Mr. Marks was found in a home after suffering multiple stab wounds.  He was taken to a hospital but died days later.

There aren’t a lot of details known at this point.  Police have determined that the stabbing took place at Hemlock and Southern Avenue at approximately 11:00pm.

If Mr. Marks was accompanied by anyone in the house, police and detectives will interview the witnesses to see if specific statements were made.  This could lead to the identification of potential suspects.

When a case has few leads, detectives will try to determine if video footage from security cameras in the area can be found and preserved.  Social media posts can be reviewed and monitored to see if anyone comments on the assault.  Any known family, friends and acquaintances will likely be interviewed to see if it’s possible to recreate the situation and events surrounding the attack.  Although, eye-witness testimony isn’t always reliable.

I’ve discussed various types of forensic evidence that will be reviewed and used in homicide cases.  If you were involved in a crime, especially one resulting in murder or manslaughter charges, you should contact and experienced Louisville criminal defense attorney, immediately.

I’ve handled multiple cases involving various murders.  They can range from shootings, stabbings, fist fights and other altercations resulting in the death of another individual.  Not every homicide will be charged as murder.  There are a range of charges for homicide.

Once the police were notified of the attack, they were concerned with a case of assault and battery. However, once the Algonquin Park stabbing victim died, the case took on a higher priority as a murder investigation.

The mayor, police chief, community leaders and citizens of Louisville each have a concern any time the number of murders in Louisville increases.  Even if you live in the suburbs, this key crime indicator can impact the relocation of new businesses, sports teams and other important developments.  It’s for this reason that police and investigators attack these cases with focus and determination.  It’s a mix of quality of life, economic and political concerns.

Again, if you’ve been involved in a crime that resulting in a homicide, it’s time to get serious legal advice from a Louisville criminal defense attorney.  The full power of law enforcement is looking for a way to ensure the case is quickly solve and a conviction is handed down.