Bones Found in Fern Creek

Bones Found in Fern CreekEarlier this month, local news reported that the bones found in Fern Creek may be human remains.  The bones turned up in the woods near Beulah Church Rd.  Wave3 News reported that there may be a connection to Amy Haueter, who went missing in January of 2005, at the age of 14.

Authorities from the Coroner’s office, the Louisville Metro Police Department and others are currently investigating the scene as a possible homicide.  They are trying to determine if the bones are human or animal.

I’ve previously blogged about human remains being found in Worthville, KY.  The primary reason is that Kentucky has no Statute of Limitations for murder.  Unlike some crimes, there is no defined period of time that can elapse and prevent prosecutors from bringing charges.

This is a serious issue if you’ve been involved in a homicide, regardless of whether it was on purpose or by accident.  The long arm of the law can reach across state borders and even internationally to charge someone with murder, regardless of how long ago the crime may have happened.

An attorney skilled in handling murder charges knows the seriousness of the allegations.  In a case like the ones mentioned above, a criminal defense attorney will begin looking for ways to produce an alibi.

What’s an Alibi?

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, an alibi is “a term used to express that mode of defense to a criminal prosecution, where the party accused, in order to prove that he could not have committed the crime with which he is charged, offers evidence to show that he was in another place at the time; which is termed setting up an alibi.”

As investigators continue to examine the bones found in Fern Creek, they will begin looking for evidence at the crime scene to potentially link someone to the crime.  One of the challenges in these cases is that it is very possible witnesses may have forgotten important details.

If you were involved in this incident (or others), it’s extremely important that you contact an experienced Louisville criminal lawyer.  Forensic science has made tremendous strides and can provide remarkable insights as to what may have happened, even long ago.  Regardless of the time that’s passed, you can still be charged for the crime.