Corbin Kentucky Drug Bust

Corbin Kentucky Drug Bust

There are times when the police are called to a location and find drugs.  The individuals present can be arrested and prosecuted, depending upon the evidence.  At other times, the detectives and prosecutors may wait to see what else they can find out about the people allegedly distributing the drugs.  This was the case in a recent Corbin Kentucky drug bust.

According to local reports, the detectives spent three (3) months investigating the situation before they made 10 arrests with the help of Kentucky State Police and officers from the city of London, Kentucky.

What does this Corbin Kentucky drug bust mean for the average person?

It means you can be sure that if you’re involved in illegal activity, there’s a strong possibility that the police may be aware.  They may be working at the local level, the state level or even the federal level with Federal DEA agents and others (including confidential informants) to build a case.  You can also be sure they probably have time on their side.

However, just because the authorities have time on their side, it doesn’t mean they’re going to use it properly. 

Don’t ever think that politics doesn’t enter into the decision on where police focus their attention, what they need to do to make arrests and how hard the prosecutors are going to push for convictions.  Most politicians are highly aware of the community sentiments towards drugs and crime, especially before important elections.

It’s not uncommon for politicians to place additional pressure on the chief of police to do something, so the politician has a record of tough stances and results when it comes to drug arrests.  Virtually every county in Kentucky is dealing with drug epidemics.  This added pressure is communicated to the officers on the streets.  This is when and where corners get cut and rights get violated.

As a Kentucky criminal defense attorney, my role is to make sure innocent people are not convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.  It also means I work to hold the police, detectives, agents and prosecutors accountable for their conduct.  When they get sloppy, just so a seedy politician can get a few minutes on the local news, that’s not justice.  It’s grand-standing.

A lawyer involved in defending drug crimes knows that just because the authorities spend weeks, months and even years building a case, not all of the evidence is guaranteed to be admissible.  Not all of the statements from confidential informants will be credible.  Most importantly, not all of the charges will be warranted.

If you believe you’re under investigation, you need to speak with a serious criminal defense attorney with specific experience in the area of law that applies to your situation.  Just because a lawyer handles a few traffic tickets and some miscellaneous misdemeanor cases, doesn’t mean he/she is equipped to go the distance when serious, federal charges are involved.  Now I I am not saying any of my colleagues are unqualified.  There are many top-notch defense attorneys.  However, I know from the 25+ years of experience I’ve had representing clients across the state of Kentucky.  I know my record, and yes, I’m proud of it.  I work hard for my clients and I’m relentless in their defense.  What kind of lawyer do you need?

The ten (10) individuals in the Corbin, Kentucky drug bust may have never seen this coming.  My job is to anticipate what’s coming, when its coming and to build the best possible defense for those whom I represent.


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