Double Shooting Near Downtown Louisville

a double shooting near downtown louisville will require police to gather forensic evidence

Nachan Nacole Henderson died in a double shooting near downtown Louisville last week.  There was another person in the car.  He was struck and taken to University Hospital.  Once again, the LMPD and detectives are investigating a homicide with little information to go on at this point.

As I’ve posted on numerous occasions, authorities have seemingly unlimited resources to build a case against a suspect.  If you were involved in a homicide, remember that there is no statute of limitation for murder charges in Kentucky.  You’ll be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.

Types of Forensic Evidence

Investigators will first try to determine how and why the homicide occurred.  Forensic evidence is being collected.  This would include items inside and around the vehicle and at the scene.  It may also include information contained on a cell phone if that can be recovered.  Often there are valuable clues in a victim’s text messages, call logs, photos and even social media accounts.

As a Louisville criminal defense attorney who defends clients at the district, circuit and federal level, I consistently advise my clients to avoid any and all social media posts related to questionable activities and comments.  This information can be taken out of context, especially when prosecutors are under pressure to build a case against a suspect.

Let me be clear, erasing evidence before, during or after the fact can lead to legal problems.  This could potentially lead to a charge of Tampering with Physical Evidence.  The best approach is to avoid having the questionable material on your cell phone, computer or in your possession from the start.

Other types of evidence can include eyewitness  accounts by potential witnesses.  This case involves a double shooting near downtown Louisville, so there are potentially twice as many people who may have knowledge of the crime, the reasons or other circumstances related to the shooting.  Fortunately, witness statements are not always as reliable as prosecutors would hope.

If you decide to contact an experienced attorney, one of the first actions he/she will take is to determine if you have a potential alibi that may be able to withstand the scrutiny investigators will give it.  If we can present facts that put you at another location during the time the homicide was committed, we may be able to get your charges dismissed.

Murder charges, manslaughter charges or reckless homicide charges are incredibly serious.  There are specific factual and legal strategies your defense lawyer will consider to protect you, your rights and potentially your life.  Don’t wait!  Contact someone as soon as possible.  The details you discuss are covered under the attorney-client privilege.  They are generally protected communications that the prosecutors can’t get access to and use against you.

Whether someone you know was involved in this incident, or another criminal act, it’s best to have an attorney on your side.  You deserve a strong defense.  It’s your constitutional right.