Fatal Fern Creek Shooting

Witness in fatal fern creek shooting

There was a fatal Fern Creek shooting, recently.  It occurred in an apartment complex located on Hames Trace.  When police responded, they found a deceased man with multiple gunshot wounds.  At this time, authorities haven’t released any information about potential suspects.

When a homicide investigation begins, one of the first things police do is to try to identify any and all evidence at the crime scene.  Obvious examples include:

  • Finger prints
  • Articles of clothing
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Footage of the area from security or surveillance cameras
  • Eye witnesses

As this forensic evidence is collected and analyzed, the Louisville Metro Police detectives will begin conducting interviews of potential witnesses.  Often this involves people who live in the apartment building and immediate area.

How Reliable are Witness Statements?

Even if detectives find a witness or witnesses, there’s a long road ahead to prove those witnesses are providing accurate information.  It’s not uncommon for multiple people to have conflicting accounts of the same situation.

Witness statements may be proven unreliable if an effective criminal defense lawyer can present gaps in the testimony, or use the witness’ statement to show they may not clearly remember what actually happened.  You may recall the scenes from the movie, My Cousin Vinny, wherein Joe Pesci dismantled the statements of a collection of witnesses.  One lady’s eyesight was called into question.  Another man’s sense of time was proven to be unbelievable.  There were several other witnesses who were either proven to be mistaken or out-right wrong.

If and when the authorities identify a potential assailant, they’ll likely make an arrest in the fatal Fern Creek shooting.  Murder or manslaughter charges will be brought and the slow process of a trial will begin.  Once that happens, it’s important that the defendant receive a vigorous defense.  If witnesses are found and will go on record, the defense attorney will begin looking for ways to block the admission of specific evidence and to get witness testimonies either tossed out of made to look unreliable if they don’t support the defendant’s case  It’s also possible that an alibi can be established.

If you, or someone you know has been charged with murder or manslaughter, it’s critical that an experienced criminal defense attorney be retained.  I’m no Cousin Vinny, although we both have a certain flair.  When the charges are this serious, you need experience.  When experience matters, a skilled trial attorney is worth the cost.  Isn’t it the same true of your freedom and possibly your life?