Fern Creek Shooting in Self-Defense

fern creek shooting in self-defense

Shooting in self-defense is a claim often made in Kentucky courts and around the nation.  One of the strategies an experienced criminal defense attorney will use is to raise reasonable doubt in the mind of the jurors.  While charges haven’t formally been made, the alleged Fern Creek shooter is claiming it was done in self-defense.

Now there’s a back story with this situation.  The woman who pulled the trigger had previously taken out multiple emergency protective orders (EPOs) and domestic violence orders (DVOs).  She received an electronic notification that the man had escaped from his home incarceration.

On its face, there seems to be credible evidence that she was in fear for her life.  Kentucky has a “Stand Your Ground” law.  This statue allows for a person to use deadly force if he/she feels it’s required for protection against physical force or the imminent use of unlawful physical force by another person.

Police will continue to investigate the situation.  If evidence uncovers something that raises enough doubt, the Commonwealth Attorney may proceed with formal charges against the woman.

The news report indicates that given the violent history, she had arranged a plan to have a friend take the children to a safe place, if needed.  Once she received the electronic notification, it was put to use.  Now, this may show that the woman did indeed fear the imminent use of physical force.  Because of that, she took steps to protect the children.  We don’t know what happened once the man arrived at the home, but her actions would seem to support her claim that it was a shooting in self-defense.

If you were involved in a Louisville shooting, you need to realize that police and detectives are digging through many different types of evidence.  Even if formal charges haven’t been made, you need to speak with a defense lawyer who has experience handling murder/manslaughter cases.

If you weren’t the actual shooter, you can still be arrested, jailed and convicted.  There are various charges related to a homicide.  Prosecutors are holding the cards.  They’ll play their best hand.  By contacting a Louisville attorney, you give him time to begin developing the proper strategy.  Was it a shooting in self-defense?  Was it an accident?  Was it someone else?

Time may still be on your side, but the clock is ticking. I’m Louisville criminal defense attorney, Tim Denison.