House Fire Leads to Marijuana Bust

House Fire Leads to Marijuana Bust in LouisvilleDo you believe in karma?  Wave 3 News reported on what I might describe as a case of bad karma.  According to the news, a man was discovered to be cheating with another man’s girlfriend.  The jilted boyfriend decided to set the man’s house on fire.  The fire could have consumed everything the cheating man owned.  Then again, maybe it should have.  In this particular situation, the house fire leads to a marijuana bust.


It reminds me of that old poker saying, “Cheaters never win.”

As the firemen were working to put out the flames, they discovered several guns, money and 10 pounds of marijuana.  The police were contacted and they conducted a search, after securing a search warrant.

During the search, they found a bullet-proof vest, pills and various other items.  The news report lists several of the firearms recovered from the home.  It’s possible that other than the smell, the house fire may have destroyed the pills and pot.  Instead, because karma is what it is, this house fire leads to a marijuana bust.

Avoiding Marijuana Charges

As a Louisville criminal defense attorney, there are a few options I’d pursue.

  • It’s possible the man didn’t know the marijuana and guns were in the house?
  • There’s no law against having firearms, unless the homeowner is a convicted felon.
  • Does the homeowner have a criminal record or is this a first offense?
  • Were the drugs planted there at the time of the arson?

For now, the cheating man has lost his home, his guns, various mementoes and his freedom.  Depending on his attorney’s success, there might be a possibility of getting him involved in a diversion program, instead of a jail term.  Either way, he may have also lost his not-so-secret relationship with the other man’s girlfriend.  Dare I say it?  There’s always

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