I Am the Keeper of the Law

As a Louisville criminal defense attorney I am the keeper of the lawWDRB is running a story of how Shelbyville police used illegally recorded conversations between an individual and his attorney.  They later lied under oath to cover up their unethical actions.  How was this discovered?  The prosecutors turned over an entire recording of the arrested man speaking with his defense attorney.  The fact that they cut corners is outrageous.  The fact that they may have done it to many other individuals is alarming.  It’s not right.  It violates constitutional rights and it cannot stand.  I am the Keeper of the Law.

As a Louisville criminal defense attorney, yes, I work on behalf of people who may not always be the blue-ribbon poster children for their communities.  However, because I’m willing to do what I do, I’m able to hold law enforcement and prosecutors accountable.  I see when they fail to follow the rules.  I know when they try to cover it up.  And I’m not afraid to call them out for their ethical and illegal violations of the our laws.

When it comes to the law, there’s an inherent understanding that it’s the foundation of our society.  It’s there to protect each of us.  From time to time, just like my clients, it needs to be defended.  This is why criminal defense attorneys enter the courtroom each day.  We are there to hold people accountable and to ensure the system works.  I am the Keeper of the Law.

In this Shelbyville situation, there was an obvious and flagrant disregard for the rule of law.  Any citizen, guilty or not, doesn’t stand a chance if the police and prosecutors suddenly decide to cheat and play by a different set of rules.  If I ever tried to do that in a courtroom, the judge would absolutely take issue with me.  Our system is built upon a set of assumptions.  One of those assumptions is that we’ll all operate under the same rules.  But these assumptions must be zealously guarded.  I am the Keeper of the Law.

As difficult as defending clients can be, the basis by which I do it is the same for each of us.  I’ll make the prosecution prove their case every inch of the way.  When it comes to the defense of my clients, and our Constitution, I am the Keeper of the Law.

Note:  The man in this story is not my client.

Link to story:  http://www.wdrb.com/story/39237318/lawsuit-shelbyville-police-illegally-recorded-attorneyclient-talks