Jefferson County Home Incarceration Program

ankle bracelet for home incarceration programAs a Louisville criminal defense attorney, one of the steps I take for my clients is to find out how to minimize potential jail time.  The Jefferson County Court System moves, but it can be slow.  If an individual is arrested, it can take time to go through arraignment, set a court date and hold pre-trial conferences.  Depending on the circumstances, I may be able to get them released under the Jefferson County Home Incarceration Program.

During this time, it’s not uncommon for that person to have to remain in jail, even before they’ve been found guilty.  Whenever possible, I’ll move to have my client admitted to the Jefferson County Home Incarceration Program.

In a recent case (not my client) a woman was arrested for the alleged murder of her boyfriend.  As serious as these criminal charges are, the woman was able to live under house arrest, in accordance with the Home Incarceration Program.

There are strict rules restricting how and when these individuals can leave their houses, but most would agree that this option is much better than sitting in a jail cell.

While under house arrest, the individual will be required to wear an ankle bracelet or other monitoring device.  This device helps to track the person’s whereabouts so that police or other authorities can be alerted if the individual attempts to go to an unauthorized place or at an unauthorized time.  Still, in most cases, that’s a minor inconvenience given the alternative.

The Jefferson County Home Incarceration Program option is up to the judge in the case.  As a skilled criminal defense lawyer, I’ll make every effort to present my client in a positive light.  Practicing criminal law in Jefferson County every day for years provides me with insights regarding how certain judges view specific crimes and fact patterns.

Because I’ve spent the majority of my career in courtrooms, I understand how to properly position my client and his/her interests.  Not every attempt is successful, but where there’s a chance, I’ll take it.  You can’t have a shy lawyer.  You want one who’s ready to fight when it’s time to do so.  That, is how I’ve built a career throughout Kentucky’s courtrooms.