Kentucky Gun Laws Seminar

Kentucky Gun Laws Tim DenisonLouisville attorney Tim Denison will present at an upcoming seminar on Kentucky Gun Laws.  The seminar is titled:  Your Complete Guide to Regulatory and Liability Concerns for Buying, Selling or Owning Firearms.

This is part of an ongoing seminar series by the National Business Institute (NBI).  The Kentucky Gun Laws seminar will be held in Louisville on March 14, 2017.  This seminar is designed to instruct other attorneys about the current gun laws and what they mean for clients.

Among the various topics, Tim will touch on what Kentucky’s new expungement laws mean for those previously charged with certain felonies.

According the Seminar Overview:

Confidently Navigate the Complexities of Firearm Laws – From the Gun Show to the Holster.  The constitutional protection of individual gun rights has never been stronger, but regulatory and liability concerns can hammer even the most responsible owner.  Is your knowledge of federal, state and local law effective enough to protect your client from criminal or civil charges  Let our experienced faculty give you the insight you need.  Learn the difference between Title 1 and Title 2 firearms, the requirements for selling at a gun show versus selling to a private party, and more.  Make sure your clients are able to exercise their Second Amendment rights while avoiding liabilities that can put themselves or others at risk.

Who should attend?

This basic-to-intermediate level seminar is intended for attorneys.  The content will be useful for law enforcement, government officials, firearm dealers and advocates for gun rights or gun control.  Paralegals may also benefit.

Brochures are still available in Tim’s office, if you would be interested in attending this upcoming seminar.

Tim will present a segment of this seminar.  Several other attorneys will co-present various other segments.

Louisville attorney Tim Denison handles a variety of cases ranging from criminal defense (including drug crimes and murder) to family law.  His proven success as a courtroom litigator is one of the reasons other attorneys will choose to attend this seminar.