Kentucky Murder Trials Can Take Years

kentucky murder trials can lead to a life sentence ran a story today about how a man arrested in 2013 and charged in the death of Paul Barber was found not guilty.  The arrest was 5 years ago.  Kentucky murder trials can take years to conclude.  When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you need to be sure he/she has the willpower and stamina to take on a murder or manslaughter case.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do move forward.  It’s important that your attorney takes the time needed to carefully investigate the facts behind the charges.  A skilled murder-defense lawyer will put each piece of evidence under a microscope (sometimes literally).

The slightest mistake, the failure to follow procedure, the willful negligence of law enforcement officials can result in a case falling to pieces, assuming you have the right attorney on your side.

In the above case, which is not mine, it took 5 years to get it resolved.  During that time, a good attorney probably pursued any and all leads that may have provided the slightest foundation for an aggressive defense.  A misstatement during a deposition, the improper handling/preservation of evidence, the conflicting testimony of defendants and/or witnesses could have opened the door for the eventual not guilty ruling.

If your attorney doesn’t have a proven track record of handling murder and manslaughter cases, you might need to reconsider.  The stakes are much higher than those involved in DUI cases or even white collar crimes.

Your case may result in a death penalty or life in prison.  You need an attorney who’s been there before and knows how to build the foundation of a solid defense.

If you or your family member is charged with murder or manslaughter, sure, you can leave your future in the hands of a public defender.  They do good work.  I’m sure your case will be prioritized among the 50-60 other cases that attorney is handling.  Another option is to hire a private attorney who has the skill and the time to build an effective case.  Again, Kentucky murder trials can take years.  Make sure your attorney is ready to go the distance.

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