LMPD Seized 20 Pounds of Meth

Methamphetamine also known as crystal meth

A Louisville female was arrested, after allowing police to enter her home.  While inside, the LMPD seized 20 pounds of meth.

According to the new story, LMPD officers watched as the woman took 2 packages from another person.  It turned out the packages contained crystal meth.

As a Louisville criminal defense attorney, I consistently advise my clients and prospective clients of their rights.  You don’t have to let police officers enter your home, without a warrant.  The lady in this news story appears to have simply let them walk into the house.  At that point, the officers were looking for evidence of a crime.

You have every right to tell the police that they cannot enter until they can produce a valid search warrant.  These things called the Constitution and Bill of Rights actually mean things; important things.  The process is made up of specific steps and details.  Most of the time, those steps were put there as a protection for citizens.

If an arrest is made, a good criminal defense attorney will begin looking for mistakes.  One of the areas I look for is breakdowns in the chain of custody regarding how the evidence was taken, transported and securely preserved.  Who’s to say the evident produced at trial is exactly the same evident confiscated at your house, or from your car?  Again, details matter.

Look, as a citizen of this Louisville community, I’m glad LMPD seized 20 pounds of meth.  It’s off the streets.  But as a lawyer, and a pretty good one (I’ve been told), my role is to protect the freedoms of the individuals involved.  In so doing, I believe I’m protecting the process for all of us.  You may not always agree with the type of cases I handle, but I’m fairly certain you’ll be glad I do if you’re ever standing beside me facing a judge.  See, details matter.


Link to Story:  http://www.wdrb.com/story/37303372/louisville-woman-arrested-after-police-seize-20-pounds-of-crystal-meth