Louisville Man Charged in a Double Shooting

Double Shooting Murder Defense Attorney Tim Denison

Anytime a criminal defense lawyer receives a call to defend someone charged with murder, he/she knows the stakes are at their highest.  These cases require some of the best work you’ll ever do.  No detail can be overlooked.  No piece of evidence can be ignored.  No part of the legal process can be skipped.  You have to bring your A-game.  This is especially true if you’re client is charged in a double shooting.

Full disclosure, the man in news that broke last week is not my client.  But murder charges and the defense of the individual are something I’ve dealt with over my career.

Not every attorney wants to take on a murder case; nor should they.

In this particular case, it appears that the shooting was caught on video and that drugs may have been involved.  Again, it’s a dangerous mix, but something I’ve had a lot of experience with in Kentucky courts.

One of the victims died and the other remains in the hospital as a result of the gun shots.

What we don’t know yet, is what exactly led up to the alleged shooting?  The video will show part of the altercation, but maybe not all of it.  Was the evidence properly preserved?  Does it show the defendant clearly enough to be sure it was the same man?  Did the man fire in self-defense?  Was he properly read his rights at the time of the arrest?  Were others involved or witness to the shooting?

These are just a few of the initial questions an experienced murder defense attorney will begin asking.  It’s important that the attorney handling the case get to work immediately.  Memories become less accurate as time passes.  Evidence can be lost, or accidentally misplaced on purpose.

The smallest detail or fact can turn a case.  This is no time for a passive approach.

Representing a man charged in a double shooting will require a criminal defense attorney who’s been there before.  As I’ve said in another post, practicing criminal law is part science and part art.  Knowing when to fight, and how to fight, for your client’s rights is what makes a trial lawyer a valuable advocate.  This isn’t the time to pick your everyday attorney.  This man is going to need a fearless, legal gunslinger.

Regardless of who represents this individual, from a legal standpoint, we’re about to see some high-stakes lawyering.