Marion County Taco Bell Arrest

Marion County Taco Bell Arrest involved methamphetamine.It’s a common theme, because it seems to frequently happen.  A young man has been charged with drug possession, trafficking and tampering with evidence.  In this situation, it stemmed from a Marion County Taco Bell arrest.  The defendant was allegedly selling meth while working at the Taco Bell.

The police K-9 dog located the drugs, which were stashed in the bathroom of the Lebanon KFC/Taco Bell.

Methamphetamine continues to be a serious issue in Louisville and the surrounding counties.  As a Louisville attorney who handles drug cases, I’ve handled hundreds of these cases.

According to the most recent Kentucky State Police data, there were 135 Marion County arrests related to meth in 2017.  There was a total of 662 drug-related arrests, which means 20% of them involved methamphetamine.  There were 2,097 Jefferson County arrests involving meth, that same year (12% of all drug arrests in Jefferson County).

Given the low cost of methamphetamine, arrests for drug possession and arrests for drug trafficking are relatively high in Kentucky counties.  As I’ve illustrated in the past, there are a number of ways an experienced criminal defense attorney would handle meth-related charges.  Some of the immediate questions I’d raise, relative to this Marion County Taco Bell arrest, might include:

  • How can police be sure the drugs belonged to the defendant?
  • More importantly, can they prove it?
  • Is there video surveillance proof that the defendant was actually selling or giving away the meth?
  • What has the defendant already admitted to doing and was any statement coerced?
  • Is it possible that people tipped off the police with false information to get back at or to gain an advantage on the defendant in something unrelated?

I noticed that the news report didn’t list charges related to drug manufacturing in the story.  If needed, the defense attorney may use this fact to negotiate lesser charges, if the defendant would help to identify the person who allegedly supplied him.

Drug charges in Kentucky are always serious.  If you’ve been charged, you need an attorney who knows how to attack the drug charges and how to effectively negotiate on your behalf.  I have over 25 years of experience handling these types of charges.  If you’re in serious trouble, you need a serious attorney.  Take a look at my client reviews on Facebook and Google.  What type of attorney do you need on your side?