Moped Driver Arrested on Drug Charges

moped driver arrested on drug chargesWe’ve all seen police chases in the movies.  Sirens are blaring, tire screeching, fenders getting bent and there maybe even be a few close calls with pedestrians.  It’s exciting.  It’s exhilarating.  It’s nail biting.  I’m not sure this was that kind of chase.  Wave3 ran a story about a moped driver arrested on drug charges.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with mopeds.  Some of my best sandwiches have been delivered by guys on mopeds.  The problem is they usually don’t have the horsepower needed to make an effective get away, when the police are in hot pursuit.

In this particular case, I think the arresting officers decided to have a chuckle.  In addition to the charges of trafficking a controlled substance (meth), possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, they tacked on failure or improper signal and careless driving charges.  Yes, I’m sure it was an exhilarating chase.

Obviously, I’m having a little fun with this story, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that drug charges are serious.  As an experienced, Louisville criminal defense attorney, I’ve handled hundreds, of cases for people arrested on drug charges.  Some of these were basic District Court cases, and some were highly-complex Federal Court cases.  Both demand a thorough understanding of the law, and more importantly, a sense of how to apply the right strategy and tactics in defense of my clients.

Jefferson County and other courts throughout Kentucky are highly focused on cases involving drug charges.  The current opioid crisis is putting immense pressure on local, state and federal authorities.  As a result, there’s an increased risk that corners will be cut in an effort to secure a conviction.

That’s why I show up to work each morning.  The legal system is based on basic, fundamental and Constitutional rights.  It provides for due process.  It requires adherence to policy and procedure.  It demands justice.

When police and the prosecution skip steps, or take shortcuts, they threaten our entire legal system.  That’s simply not supposed to happen.  I’m one of those attorneys fighting to make sure it doesn’t.

If you’ve been arrested on drug charges, you need to get a lawyer involved.  Call me, email me, you can even have someone ride over on their moped.  Regardless, a case is being built against you.  Don’t be a victim of legal shortcuts.  You need an experienced lawyer on your side.