Need an Hourly Fee Legal Contract?

The legal profession today is fast-moving, ever-changing, and adding new lawyers, litigants and various third parties such as beneficiaries, heirs, etc. Gone are the days of the country lawyer doing business on a handshake or relying on a promise. In today’s legal environment the unwary lawyer who does so will like find himself, broke, victimized and seeking a new profession. Bottom line, you can’t trust everyone, so you have to trust yourself. That’s why every lawyer should have a written attorney-client contract in every case. That’s right, sad but true, every case.   Over the past twenty-five (25) years of practicing, I have heard every excuse, story, and scam that could be conceived by defendants who seek to avoid their monetary obligation to their attorneys. During that time, I have created an attorney-client contract, that while ever evolving in its’ terms, can substantially protect the lawyer from non-payment and deceptive practices. While there are literally thousands of varying client contracts out there, and while I do not submit that this contract is better than the contract of any other lawyer, here is a basic hourly attorney-client contract which will substantially protect the lawyer and his legal fee.



                                                              (referred to in this contract as Client) of                                                               County, Kentucky, requests and authorizes                                                               (referred to in this contract as Attorney), located at                                                              , to represent Client as his/her Attorney in fact and in law as related to                                                              (e.g., “a divorce proceeding between X and Y for which Attorney will conduct negotiations and make court appearances necessary to securing separation, custody, property and dissolution agreements, including a final decree, but not including an appeal”) and against all additional persons, firms, or corporations who may appear to be related to this case.


Compensation for Attorney’s services shall be based on an hourly fee arrangement charged against a minimum retainer (non-refundable) fee.

(1) Client will pay Attorney a minimum retainer (non-refundable fee of $                                  , prior to the commencement of any legal work by Attorney. Attorney will bill his hourly rate of Three Hundred Dollars ($300) for Attorney’s time spent in any and all matters pertaining to this case, including, but not limited to: research, writing, consultation, conference with opposing parties, discovery, depositions, court appearance, hearings, motion practice, trial (one only), telephone calls, electronic mail and any and all other matters specifically related to the case described above.

(2) If it is necessary to incur certain court costs in order to successfully complete this case, Client agrees to immediately pay for all court costs, office expense, costs of copies ($.25 per page), prior to Attorney incurring same.

(3) The parties agree that the above fee is for this particular case only and excludes any re-trial or appeal without a separate specific signed contract. Client acknowledges that Attorney shall be under no obligation to take any further action on Client’s behalf after the resolution of this matter, whether it be by settlement, bench opinion or jury verdict, unless or until attorney has been specifically retained to do so by separate specific contract.

(4) Client agrees to pay any and all reasonable attorney fees, costs and expenses incurred in the collection of this account pursuant to KRS 411.195.

(5) Client further agrees that any unpaid or outstanding fees, charges, costs or expenses over thirty (30) days shall be subject to interest at the rate of twelve (12%) percent per annum and Client expressly agrees to pay same.

(6) Client hereby expressly grants Attorney a priority lien for outstanding or unpaid attorney fees, costs and expenses in any recovery in this matter, whether by litigation, negotiation, or otherwise and expressly acknowledges that any such lien shall be paid PRIOR to disbursement of any settlement funds to Client.


(1) Client will not be billed for Attorney’s time in the preparation or discussion of this employment contract or in discussions concerning disputes over billing. Secretarial time will be charged for the preparation of the original document and copies, the charge to be included in the estimate of additional costs.

(2) Client will pay a minimum fee (nonrefundable) retainer of                     Dollars ($               ) and receive a signed receipt from Attorney for said amount prior to the onset of any work to be performed by Attorney.

(3) Client will receive a statement of services performed by attorney in the case along with the corresponding time and charge involved; and the additional costs incurred upon request.

(4) All costs and expenses are exclusive of the retainer. The current balance of the client’s retainer will be indicated in each itemized statement until the full fee has been paid in full.

(5) All Attorney fees will be deducted from the minimum Retainer (non-refundable) fee.

(6) Client will be notified in writing prior to the depletion of the minimum retainer (non-refundable) fee. Upon depletion of the minimum retainer (non-refundable) fee, Client will immediately replenish, if necessary, the minimum retainer (non-refundable) fee and the foregoing rules shall apply to the replenishment of each minimum retainer (non-refundable) fee. The parties agree that should the minimum retainer (non-refundable) fee be depleted, Attorney shall not be required to perform further work until said minimum retainer (non-refundable) fee has been replenished by Client.

(7) Attorney shall receive no other compensation in any manner or form other than that provided for expressly by this agreement.


(1) Copies of pleadings, briefs, memoranda and relevant correspondence will be provided to client upon request and by electronic mail only so as to defray costs to both parties.

(2) Attorney shall freely and frankly discuss the strategy and progress of the case with Client upon request. Attorney will consult and obtain permission of Client before taking any action which may significantly affect the outcome or cost of the proceedings.

(3) Attorney will not under any circumstance agree to settle a case without the prior consent of Client.

(4) Withdrawal from representation by Attorney is mandatory upon discharge by Client.

(5) All communications between Attorney and Client shall be and remain confidential and not be disclosed unless authorized by Client.

(6) The parties agree that Attorney may, in his sole discretion and at no additional cost to Client, consult, hire, retain other persons and/or discuss Client’s case with same in an effort to provide better representation to Client.

(7) The parties agree that due to Attorney’s heavy court and trial schedule as well as his frequent travel to other counties, Attorney may, in his sole discretion, allow such persons (attorneys only) to appear in court, sign motions, and attend scheduled court hearings or matters as may be necessary to the non-disruption of Attorney’s practice of law.


(1) Client agrees to disclose truthfully all relevant information to Attorney upon request.

(2) Client will make (himself/herself) and any documents, persons or things under the client’s control available to Attorney at reasonable times and places for such conferences, inspections, discussions and legal proceedings as may be necessary from time to time.

(3) Client will promptly notify Attorney of any change in Client’s address or phone number.

(4) In an effort to increase client participation and to reduce costs, Client will, at the sole discretion and direction of the Attorney, perform these tasks: (e.g., locating evidence, contacting witnesses, filing documents with court clerk, etc.).

(5) Failure of Client to seek counsel of Attorney, before taking any action which may affect the course or resolution of the case represents sufficient grounds for Attorney withdrawal from employment.

(6) Attorney may withdraw from employment with notice to Client for any reason.

(7) In the event of withdrawal, Attorney will withdraw in writing with notice to Client.

(8) Client agrees to immediately pay any and all retainers, bills, costs and expenses when presented. The parties agree that any failure of Client to pay any of the foregoing shall result in Attorney’s withdrawal the case.


(1) Attorney and Client recognize the benefits of maintaining a harmonious working relationship. Both agree to discuss openly any cause of dissatisfaction and to seek reconciliation. Client will not be billed for any such discussion.

(2) Should either party believe itself to be seriously wronged or believe that the terms of this contract have been substantially violated, resolution shall be sought through binding arbitration by a third party mutually agreed to by both Attorney and Client. In the event suit is filed by either party against the other party, the parties agree that the proper venue for such filing is Jefferson County, Kentucky, and that all such suits shall be filed only in Jefferson County, Kentucky.


Because the law is constantly in a state of flux and ever-changing and developing and litigation is by its very nature, speculative, the parties acknowledge that no guarantees or warranties or promises of outcome have been made by Attorney with respect to the successful prosecution and termination of this case. All expressions made by Attorney about the varied and possible outcomes or resolutions of this matter case are matters of Attorney’s best professional opinion only, and based on a number of ever-changing factors, any of which could impact resolution of the matter.


The laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky shall govern the construction and interpretation of this agreement.

This contract has been read, understood, signed and attested on this       day of                    , 2015, by the undersigned.