Divorce with Criminal Charges

Episode 9:  Louisville criminal defense attorney Tim Denison welcomes his colleague, Louisville divorce attorney Christine Miller, to discuss how a divorce with criminal charges can add some complications and what steps you may need to take. Divorce is a sensitive topic to a lot of people. They’re very emotionally charged. An important issue to remember […]

Kentucky DUI Laws

Episode 8: In this episode, Louisville criminal defense attorney Tim Denison discusses Kentucky DUI laws and what you should do if you get stopped. The most important thing to remember, if you get pulled over for a DUI, is to keep your mouth shut and to call your lawyer immediately. The police are obligated to […]

Interview with former Judge Don Armstrong

Episode 7:  In this episode, Kentucky criminal defense attorney Tim Denison has an interview with former Judge Don Armstrong.  They discuss what is appropriate in a court room and other issues from a judge’s perspective. It is always important to know which judge will be handling your case.  All judges are different and have different […]

Representing Students Charged with Criminal Activities

Episode 6:  Louisville criminal defense attorney Tim Denison discusses representing students charged with criminal activities. Let’s listen to Tim explain the details, in this episode. Public Intoxication This charge can generally be dealt with by volunteer work and some commitments from the student to stay out of trouble.  The charge can eventually be dismissed.  After […]

File for an Expungement to Clear Your Charges

Episode 5:  Louisville criminal defense attorney Tim Denison discusses expungements, which are used to legally remove criminal charges from your record.  It formally erases them.  You are also permitted, by law, to say you were never charged.  An expungement is an interesting and valuable tool, but not all charges can be expunged.  Let’s listen to […]

Defending Drug Cases in Kentucky

Episode 4:  Louisville criminal defense attorney Tim Denison discusses defending drug cases across Kentucky.  Twenty to thirty years ago, cocaine was the drug of choice.  This trend ebbed in the late 80s and early 90s.  Methamphetamine has risen.  Marijuana was steady for a long time, but the penalties were increased in the late 90s.  Today, […]

Defending Murder and Manslaughter Cases in Kentucky

Episode 3:  Louisville criminal defense attorney Tim Denison discusses his experience defending against murder and manslaughter charges in Kentucky.  The conversation covers preparing emotionally and the importance of having the resources to handle the case. Tim never asks a client if he/she did it.  The story and related-evidence is critical.  Inconsistencies are extremely important to […]

State Court vs. Federal Court

This is a discussion of the differences between state and federal court.  Tim has over 100 jury trials and practices in both systems.  Kentucky’s State court system involves the District and Circuit courts.  In civil cases, a limit of $5,000 determines in which court a case will be heard.  Matters under $5,000 remain in the […]

Meet Attorney Tim Denison

Episode 1: Welcome to the new podcast.  Louisville criminal defense attorney Tim Denison is originally from Glasgow, KY.  He attended Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY (Psychology) and earned his J.D. from the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law in 1991. The core of Tim’s practice focuses on Criminal Law, including murder and […]

Tim Denison is Launching a Podcast

Louisville criminal defense attorney Tim Denison is launching a podcast.  The topics will involved various issues related to District, Circuit and Federal criminal law.  New episodes will be released every 2 weeks.