Shooting on M Street in Louisville

shooting on M street in Louisville is being investigatedA shooting on M Street in Louisville took place on August 25th.  Reports indicate police and other authorities had no suspects.  At least that’s what was being released to the public.

Law enforcement never sleeps.  Investigators have the benefit of teams of forensic investigators, detectives, surveillance cameras and plenty of computer analysis capability.  While the police were saying there were no suspects in the shooting on M Street, there’s a good chance that they had already begun to connect the dots.

If the deceased had a criminal record, any details of contacts, known associates and other information will be considered.  If there’s a gang connection, there’s a good chance the LMPD computer files have already been reviewed and confidential informants are being questioned.

Why do I bring this up, today?  As a Louisville criminal defense attorney, I know how the LMPD and prosecutors work.  I’ve worked to dismantle circumstantial evidence and to establish reasonable doubt in the minds of countless jurors.  At the same time, if you’ve been involved in a crime, you need to contact an attorney, quickly.

The earlier you hire a criminal defense attorney, the more time he has to set up an effective strategy.  The better the strategy, the more options you’ll have when it comes to your case.  As I’ve stated in other blog posts, once you’ve hired an attorney, anything you tell him is considered confidential.  It’s called attorney-client privilege.

The person or people who committed the shooting on M Street may be tempted to just keep their heads down and let it blow over.  The challenge to that concept is people talk.  There’s always someone else who may have heard about it, may have seen it or may have even participated in it.

Should that person get arrested for anything, even something completely unrelated to the shooting, he/she may be tempted to snitch as part of a plea bargain.  Because there is no statute of limitation on murder, this could be something that happens years down the road.  All of the evidence and investigation notes will still be in the system.  All law enforcement needs is that last missing piece of information to put it together.

Just laying low and keeping your head down may work some of the time.  Unfortunately for the perpetrator(s), the LMPD and detectives are working overtime to solve this murder.

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