Tim Denison Defends A Kentucky Soldier

Attorney Timothy Denison Defends Ft. Campbell Soldier

The Constitution is the core of our legal system. Our military soldiers are the primary defenders of everything our Constitution protects. Louisville Criminal Defense attorney Timothy Denison is proud to be involved in a case involving a Ft. Campbell soldier.

During a recent trip to Louisville, Michael Sparkman visited 4th Street Live to enjoy an evening away. Later that night, Private Sparkman was involved in an altercation. He and another individual were charged with 2nd-degree assault, disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Tim Denison has handled cases ranging from traffic violations to murder and manslaughter cases. He understands how the system works and how quickly the press can begin to spin the facts before they ever get presented in a court of law.

While stories of eyewitness testimonies seem highly credible, it’s always interesting to see how these interpretations can vary from witness to witness. When you’re defending someone’s rights, you have to proceed methodically. From the start of any case, Tim understands the importance of carefully gathering all of the facts, looking for inconsistencies (from witnesses and the police), then applying the law the craft the legal arguments that help him present the most compelling case to the judge and jury.

The fact that Tim Denison has been involved in hundreds of trials gives him the experience and insight to know how the prosecutors build their cases and what they hope to prove. Defending clients against state and federal charges is a combination of art and science. While you can have the evidence on your side, if you can’t communicate it effectively, the defendant might not get the outcome he/she deserves. If there’s one thing Louisville defense attorney Denison does well, it’s identifying a weak point in the prosecution’s case and then hammering on it until the charges begin to fall apart.

US Army Private Michael Sparkman understands the serious impact criminal charges could have on his military career. When soldiers are charged with crimes, they can face a range of negative consequences including: confinement, forfeiture of pay, loss of rank, loss of promotion, and even the termination of their military careers. The stakes are obviously high.

Like many other people in the Louisville, KY area, Private Sparkman deserves a lawyer who knows what it’s like to step onto the field of battle. While the brave and determined soldiers like Private Michael Sparkman fight in service of our country every day, attorney Tim Denison fights everyday to protect his clients’ Constitutional rights and liberties. The courtroom is his theater of operation. As this soldier knows, “sometimes you need brains, sometimes you need brawn.” Because Michael Sparkman needed both, he contacted defense attorney Timothy Denison.

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