UofL Student Arrested for Threats at Miller Hall

Police arrested a University of Louisville student for threatening to shoot people at Miller Hall (a campus dormitory). He made the alleged threats, via social media, stating he was high on amphetamines at the time. The post mentioned he intended to use his Mossberg shotgun. Another student read his post and contacted campus authorities.

The facts of this case are just beginning to surface. Regardless of whether this was a serious threat or simply a joke gone terribly wrong, the student is going to need a Louisville criminal defense attorney. In this day and age, campus security, LMPD and other Kentucky law enforcement officers are on high alert. At times, they can overreact or even violate students’ civil rights in dealing with a situation. That’s when I step in.

Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for handling serious crimes by hardened offenders (such as murder or manslaughter), as well as what I’d like to call “bad decisions” made by college students (e.g. student marijuana use or underage drinking).

The college experience is supposed to be academically challenging. At the same time, it’s a period when most students begin to experience life away from home. The law treats college students as adults, assuming they’ve reached the age of 18. However, that also means they can face criminal charges as an adult.

If a college student is charged with a crime, ranging from traffic violations to drug possession, on-campus rape or worse, he/she may decide to consult with an attorney before informing the parents. The student could hire an attorney who would be bound by attorney-client privilege not to discuss the details, even with the student’s parents.

University students, such as the above-mentioned University of Louisville student, may find themselves in need of an attorney who has significant experience representing students in Kentucky. When an arrest has been made (or is about to be made), it’s critically important that the student retain an attorney as quickly as possible. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can work to minimize the harm done by one-sided coverage in the media. Eyewitness statements need to be gathered before vital facts get forgotten or confused. The police and campus authorities have already begun building a case. If not handled effectively, the entire situation can quickly get out of hand.

The above University of Louisville student who threatened to shoot people at a campus dorm may have used a computer connected to a university server. This creates a digital footprint that the prosecution will use to connect the cyber threat to the student. A Louisville criminal defense attorney could motion to keep certain evidence out of the court record if it was improperly obtained or if physical evidence has been corrupted. The attorney may claim a “chain of custody” defense if there are questions about how the evidence was logged, transported and/or stored.

If a warrant wasn’t properly obtained, a defense lawyer may have grounds to have certain evidence and/or statements thrown out. The University of Louisville (or other institutions) may assert rights based on its ownership of a dorm building or campus area. However, criminal defense attorneys, like Tim Denison, know that they can use multiple tactics to pick apart the prosecution’s case and create the impression that civil rights were violated.

If enough proof can be mounted, its possible that the prosecutor won’t bring the charges, the jury may not believe the charges or that the judge will rule to dismiss the entire case. This is why hiring an experienced attorney is important anytime a college student is charged with a crime.

Students at UofL, UK, Bellarmine, Spaulding, Jefferson Community College and others have Constitutional rights. Mistakes and bad decisions don’t have to have a near-term impact on the student’s ability to remain at a particular school. More importantly, criminal charges resulting from those actions don’t have to affect his/her ability to get a job after graduation. Employers often take a criminal record into consideration when making hiring decisions. If you, or someone you know has been charged with a crime, consider hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney like Tim Denison. The stakes are high, even if you claim you weren’t.

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