Always Plead Not Guilty at Arraignment

Earlier this month, a man accused in the Elizabethtown shooting of another man plead not guilty at arraignment in Hardin County, Kentucky.  The alleged shooter was arrested after a manhunt resulting from a shooting that occurred at a Super Bowl party.  The victim later died from the gunshot wounds. What is an Arraignment Hearing? An […]

Plea Deal Used as an Appeal Strategy

Practicing the law is part science and part art.  An experienced trial lawyer knows how to balance the two.  A good criminal defense trial attorney will prepare the case so his client has as many options as possible.  A recent Lexington case involved a DUI in which the driver ran into a police detective and […]

LMPD Seized 20 Pounds of Meth

A Louisville female was arrested, after allowing police to enter her home.  While inside, the LMPD seized 20 pounds of meth. According to the new story, LMPD officers watched as the woman took 2 packages from another person.  It turned out the packages contained crystal meth. As a Louisville criminal defense attorney, I consistently advise my clients […]

Jefferson County Home Incarceration Program

As a Louisville criminal defense attorney, one of the steps I take for my clients is to find out how to minimize potential jail time.  The Jefferson County Court System moves, but it can be slow.  If an individual is arrested, it can take time to go through arraignment, set a court date and hold […]

Louisville Zoo Lawsuit Makes Bloomberg

Louisville attorney Tim Denison is representing a client in a federal case against the Zoo.  The Denison Louisville Zoo lawsuit was reported by Bloomberg, a major national news outlet. The case involves the alleged cover-up of sexual harassment by employees and managers at the Louisville Zoo. The lawsuit is seeking $5,000,000 in damages. Tim Denison’s […]

Hikes Point Man Shot His Son

There was a fatal shooting in Louisville on Tuesday morning.  A Hikes Point man shot his son in what appears to be a domestic disturbance.  At this time, not charges have been filed. Normally in a Kentucky case involving a death, it’s up to the Commonwealth the decide if charges will be brought.  Even though an individual […]

Kentucky Gun Laws Seminar

Louisville attorney Tim Denison will present at an upcoming seminar on Kentucky Gun Laws.  The seminar is titled:  Your Complete Guide to Regulatory and Liability Concerns for Buying, Selling or Owning Firearms. This is part of an ongoing seminar series by the National Business Institute (NBI).  The Kentucky Gun Laws seminar will be held in […]

Need Some Family Law Advice?

Family law means different things to different people and is used as an all encompassing term to describe many areas of law often grouped together. For example, family law can be used to refer to divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time and visitation, paternity, dependency, neglect and abuse cases, adoptions, terminations, juvenile status offenses, […]

Still Need Kentucky CLE Credits Before June 30?????

  Still need Kentucky CLE credits before June 30???  It’s not too late!!!!  Join the Louisville Group in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada on June 18 and June 19, 2015, and get all 12.5 credits in paradise.  Contact Allison Kern at (502) 439-8111 for details and arrangements now.  It’s not too late!!!!  See you there!!!!

Need A Contingent Fee Contract?

Since my publication of my two prior contract forms, hourly and flat fee, I have had numerous calls and emails requesting a contingency form contract so, here it is. As most lawyers in Kentucky are well aware, any type of contingency fee (in all cases where contingency fees are permissible), requires a written contract with […]