Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter

A story is developing about a 22-year old woman’s death in Germantown.  The woman’s body was found with a fatal gunshot wound.  Originally, police were treating it as a death investigation.  Now, they’ve upgraded it to a murder investigation. Have you ever wondered about the difference between murder and manslaughter? Homicide is basically the taking […]

Police Lose Evidence

There’s a saying I often use as experienced criminal defense lawyer, “It doesn’t matter what they think.  It only matters what they can prove.”  Under normal circumstances, proving allegations of criminal activity and/or criminal charges usually involves evidence.  However, what happens when the police lose evidence they plan to use against you? In a recent […]

Can Juveniles Receive the Death Penalty?

Wave 3 news has reported on an important development regarding a Louisville murder case.  The decision has been made in that case by the Juvenile Court that while the crimes were committed while the defendant was a minor, they are serious enough to transfer to the Jefferson Circuit Court and are going to be tried as […]

Lawyer Ethics Should Mean Something

As a skilled trial lawyer, I believe in the importance of the oath I took.  When it comes to legal issues, lawyer ethics should mean something.  The law allows for a vigorous defense of your client’s rights and freedom.  I understand what it means to get right up to the red line, without crossing over […]

Kentucky Murder Trials Can Take Years ran a story today about how a man arrested in 2013 and charged in the death of Paul Barber was found not guilty.  The arrest was 5 years ago.  Kentucky murder trials can take years to conclude.  When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you need to be sure he/she has the willpower and […]

Dealing with DEA Wire Taps

News broke this week about how DEA wire taps were used to expose a drug trafficking operation.  Those taps were also used to charge people in a murder on Poplar Level Rd. that occurred in January. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) works at the federal level and often with local authorities to investigate potential drug […]

Boy Shoots Sister Over Video Game

A tragic story was reported out of Monroe County, MS.  A nine-year old boy shot his sister because she wouldn’t give him the controller to a video game.  The young girl died as a result of the fatal shot to the head.  If this were a case of a child shooting another child from the […]

Louisville Man Charged in a Double Shooting

Anytime a criminal defense lawyer receives a call to defend someone charged with murder, he/she knows the stakes are at their highest.  These cases require some of the best work you’ll ever do.  No detail can be overlooked.  No piece of evidence can be ignored.  No part of the legal process can be skipped.  You […]

Always Plead Not Guilty at Arraignment

Earlier this month, a man accused in the Elizabethtown shooting of another man plead not guilty at arraignment in Hardin County, Kentucky.  The alleged shooter was arrested after a manhunt resulting from a shooting that occurred at a Super Bowl party.  The victim later died from the gunshot wounds. What is an Arraignment Hearing? An […]

Plea Deal Used as an Appeal Strategy

Practicing the law is part science and part art.  An experienced trial lawyer knows how to balance the two.  A good criminal defense trial attorney will prepare the case so his client has as many options as possible.  A recent Lexington case involved a DUI in which the driver ran into a police detective and […]