Wanton Endangerment with a Shotgun

News reports recently covered a developing story about a man arrested in a Louisville shooting.  In addition to the assault charge for the wounding of another man, he’s now charged with five (5) counts of wanton endangerment. In a previous post, I listed the various charges related to a homicide.  Wanton endangerment is a lesser […]

Portland Stabbing Resulted in a Teen’s Death

In west Louisville, a Portland stabbing resulted in a teen’s death.  The trial continues from this July 2017 incident.  Earlier news reports indicate that the defense is claiming the stabbing was in self-defense, while the prosecution is pursuing a murder conviction. I’ve blogged multiple times about eye-witness testimonies and the gathering of forensic evidence.  This […]

Fern Creek Shooting in Self-Defense

Shooting in self-defense is a claim often made in Kentucky courts and around the nation.  One of the strategies an experienced criminal defense attorney will use is to raise reasonable doubt in the mind of the jurors.  While charges haven’t formally been made, the alleged Fern Creek shooter is claiming it was done in self-defense. […]

Shooting on M Street in Louisville

A shooting on M Street in Louisville took place on August 25th.  Reports indicate police and other authorities had no suspects.  At least that’s what was being released to the public. Law enforcement never sleeps.  Investigators have the benefit of teams of forensic investigators, detectives, surveillance cameras and plenty of computer analysis capability.  While the […]

Moped Driver Arrested on Drug Charges

We’ve all seen police chases in the movies.  Sirens are blaring, tire screeching, fenders getting bent and there maybe even be a few close calls with pedestrians.  It’s exciting.  It’s exhilarating.  It’s nail biting.  I’m not sure this was that kind of chase.  Wave3 ran a story about a moped driver arrested on drug charges. […]

Behanan Charged with Marijuana Possession

Former UofL basketball player, Chane Behanan made the news, again.  This time it’s because he was charged with marijuana possession and receiving stolen property.  The property in question is an AK-47 rifle. Police recently released a photo of the marijuana and two guns (the other is an AR-15). Officers initially pulled over the vehicle Behanan […]

Double Shooting Near Downtown Louisville

Nachan Nacole Henderson died in a double shooting near downtown Louisville last week.  There was another person in the car.  He was struck and taken to University Hospital.  Once again, the LMPD and detectives are investigating a homicide with little information to go on at this point. As I’ve posted on numerous occasions, authorities have […]

Fern Creek Murder Suspect Arrested

Local reporters are covering new developments in a story I recently uploaded.  There was a fatal shooting at a Hames Trace apartment complex.  New reports indicate the Fern Creek murder suspect arrested is 19-year old Yacir Raful, Jr. Click to watch video from WDRB 41 Louisville News There’s a classic defense at play here.  Yacir […]

Fatal Fern Creek Shooting

There was a fatal Fern Creek shooting, recently.  It occurred in an apartment complex located on Hames Trace.  When police responded, they found a deceased man with multiple gunshot wounds.  At this time, authorities haven’t released any information about potential suspects. When a homicide investigation begins, one of the first things police do is to […]

Shepherdsville Wife Charged with Reckless Homicide

A wife shot her husband after an argument in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.  According to WDRB’s news report, the wife shot him while he was in the bathtub.  In this particular case, the woman was arrested and charged with reckless homicide. According to Kentucky law, a person is guilty of reckless homicide when he/she, with recklessness, causes […]