Double Shooting Near Downtown Louisville

Nachan Nacole Henderson died in a double shooting near downtown Louisville last week.  There was another person in the car.  He was struck and taken to University Hospital.  Once again, the LMPD and detectives are investigating a homicide with little information to go on at this point. As I’ve posted on numerous occasions, authorities have […]

Fern Creek Murder Suspect Arrested

Local reporters are covering new developments in a story I recently uploaded.  There was a fatal shooting at a Hames Trace apartment complex.  New reports indicate the Fern Creek murder suspect arrested is 19-year old Yacir Raful, Jr. Click to watch video from WDRB 41 Louisville News There’s a classic defense at play here.  Yacir […]

Fatal Fern Creek Shooting

There was a fatal Fern Creek shooting, recently.  It occurred in an apartment complex located on Hames Trace.  When police responded, they found a deceased man with multiple gunshot wounds.  At this time, authorities haven’t released any information about potential suspects. When a homicide investigation begins, one of the first things police do is to […]

Shepherdsville Wife Charged with Reckless Homicide

A wife shot her husband after an argument in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.  According to WDRB’s news report, the wife shot him while he was in the bathtub.  In this particular case, the woman was arrested and charged with reckless homicide. According to Kentucky law, a person is guilty of reckless homicide when he/she, with recklessness, causes […]

Woman Stabbed Ex-Boyfriend Charged with Murder

Police recently responded to a call in south Louisville.  A woman stabbed her ex-boyfriend to death.  They found the woman trying to stop the bleeding when they arrived.  She had actually placed the call and reported the incident.  The man later died.  Tamara Eubanks was arrested and charged with his murder. If prosecutors can prove […]

Grayson County Homicide

An arrest has been made in a Grayson County homicide, which occurred earlier in late June, in Leitchfield, Kentucky.  According to news reports, there are several pending charges: Murder Tampering with Physical Evidence Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, and First Degree Robbery You can read about another incident of Tampering with Physical […]

Bones Found in Fern Creek

Earlier this month, local news reported that the bones found in Fern Creek may be human remains.  The bones turned up in the woods near Beulah Church Rd.  Wave3 News reported that there may be a connection to Amy Haueter, who went missing in January of 2005, at the age of 14. Authorities from the […]

Tampering with Physical Evidence in Kentucky

There was a shooting in the Smoketown neighborhood of Louisville, in recent weeks.  The shooter has been arrested.  One of the charges against him often accompanies a homicide as well as many other felony charges.  That charge is Tampering with Physical Evidence.  Tampering with Evidence in Kentucky in a Class D felony if it involves […]

Should You Voluntarily Turn Yourself in to Police?

WDRB 41 recently reported that a man turned himself in after being wanted for attempted murder in Elizabethtown.  He allegedly fired shots toward someone after a domestic dispute.  This brings up an interesting question, “Should you voluntarily turn yourself in to police?” As with many legal questions, the answer is: It depends. If you’ve been […]

Alexa and Your Private Information

The Fifth Amendment provides each of us with a Constitutional protection against self-incrimination.  This is a foundation for an assumed right to personal privacy.  Unfortunately, Alexa (and possibly other home automation devices) may give the authorities an unintended and unauthorized opportunity to monitor our conversations, in the privacy of our homes, without a subpoena.  As […]