Man Admitted He Had Drugs

News broke on multiple stations about a significant drug bust near Dixie Highway.  Police found 25 pounds of meth and 3 kilos of heroin in the man’s home, along with an unspecified amount of money.  After the arrest, the man admitted he had the drugs in his possession. Rule #1: Don’t Admit Anything The LMPD […]

Municipal and City Attorney

In addition to my Louisville criminal defense practice, my attorney and judicial misconduct practice, and my burgeoning civil practice, I’m also the city attorney for a small municipality inside Louisville.  This position covers a wide range of topics, situations and negotiations.  In this role, I advise and/or represent the city in any/all legal matters that […]

Kentucky Supreme Court Reversing a Double Murder Conviction

How many times have you read my blog posts detailing the importance of following the laws, procedures and protocols?  The rule of law depends on it.  Your rights and freedom depends on it.  In fact, it was just such a technicality that resulted in the Kentucky Supreme Court reversing a double murder conviction. The court […]

Marsy’s Law

On November 6, 2018, voters in Kentucky will have the chance, along with several other states, to ratify Marsy’s Law.  This bill has already passed both the KY House and Senate.  A television ad campaign is currently underway to bolster public support of this initiative. The primary issues behind the push center around victims and […]

Murder and Attempted Suicide

WDRB reported on a Louisville shooting outside of a church.  When the police arrived, they found a woman, who was shot multiple times.  Shortly after arriving, police and investigators heard another gunshot.  They found a wounded man who appears to have been the man who shot the woman.  It appears this may have been a […]

Autistic Child Died in Hot Car

The Associated Press released a story regarding the arrest of a woman whose 5-year old autistic child died in a hot car.  The boy was buckled into his car seat, on an 85-degree day.  Normally, prosecutors have tremendous discretion in the decision to charge or not charge a parent in this type of case.  However, […]

I Am the Keeper of the Law

WDRB is running a story of how Shelbyville police used illegally recorded conversations between an individual and his attorney.  They later lied under oath to cover up their unethical actions.  How was this discovered?  The prosecutors turned over an entire recording of the arrested man speaking with his defense attorney.  The fact that they cut […]

Wanton Endangerment with a Shotgun

News reports recently covered a developing story about a man arrested in a Louisville shooting.  In addition to the assault charge for the wounding of another man, he’s now charged with five (5) counts of wanton endangerment. In a previous post, I listed the various charges related to a homicide.  Wanton endangerment is a lesser […]

Portland Stabbing Resulted in a Teen’s Death

In west Louisville, a Portland stabbing resulted in a teen’s death.  The trial continues from this July 2017 incident.  Earlier news reports indicate that the defense is claiming the stabbing was in self-defense, while the prosecution is pursuing a murder conviction. I’ve blogged multiple times about eye-witness testimonies and the gathering of forensic evidence.  This […]

Fern Creek Shooting in Self-Defense

Shooting in self-defense is a claim often made in Kentucky courts and around the nation.  One of the strategies an experienced criminal defense attorney will use is to raise reasonable doubt in the mind of the jurors.  While charges haven’t formally been made, the alleged Fern Creek shooter is claiming it was done in self-defense. […]