Fight Resulted in a Manslaughter Charge

A Meade County deputy died from a heart attack following a struggle to subdue a man.  The deputy was attempting to serve a search warrant when the defendant was seen trying to get rid of a small container.  The container was recovered and appeared to contain a substance resembling methamphetamine.  The deputy and defendant struggled […]

Murder Suspect Caught During a Vehicle Search

As a Louisville criminal defense attorney, I’ve advised clients for nearly thirty (30) years that the long arm of the law can grab you when you least expect it.  A murder suspect was caught during a vehicle search.  The man was actually wanted for murder in Arkansas.  The car was initially being searched because officers […]

Juvenile Murdered in the Portland Neighborhood

A 15-year old boy was fatally shot allegedly by two other teenagers.  A second victim was also shot.  The two teens have been arrested by LMPD.  The first is age 15 and the second is only 13 years old.  The juvenile murdered in the Portland neighborhood is another tragedy in a year marked with many […]

Hit-and-Run Results in a Reckless Homicide Charge

An 8-year old boy recently died after being hit by a car while he was trying to get mail from his family’s mailbox.  The collision happened on KY 259 South, in Hardinsburg, Kentucky.  The driver refused to stop, but was arrested shortly after the police were called.  Let’s explore why this hit-and-run results in a […]

Indicted by a Grand Jury

A man died from multiple gunshot wounds in July.  The alleged shooter was indicted by a Grand Jury for the murder.  Interestingly, the defendant was also connected to a 2018 murder and robbery. Now, before you get angry because this man was back on the streets, there are many potential factors that may have gone […]

Fatal Shooting in Henderson, Kentucky

Not every gun-related death will result in murder or manslaughter charges.  A recent fatal shooting in Henderson, Kentucky (near Evansville) resulted in a teenager being arrested on multiple, assault charges.  One person died.  A second remains in critical condition.  The third person injured was just released from a local hospital. According to new stories, there […]

Louisville Woman Arrested for Shooting Her Husband

A Louisville woman arrested for shooting her husband needs to make some very important decisions, quickly.  First responders were called after a domestic dispute resulted in a gunshot wound.  They transported the husband to University of Louisville Hospital.  This facility is the region’s Level 1 Trauma unit, which is why so many people are taken […]

Attempted Murder with a Hatchet

Admittedly, Kentucky has seen its fair share of odd crimes over the years.  There are days as a Louisville criminal defense attorney it seems as if the crew is using the Commonwealth to film multiple episodes of the TV series Cops.  Some of the situations are humorous, some depressing and others downright tragic.  I’ll let […]

Centerfield Shooting at a Circle K

Two, young men have been arrested in connection with an Oldham County investigation, following a Centerfield shooting at a Circle K on West State Highway 22.  While attempting to steal a case of beer, one of the men shot a person who was trying to stop them.  The victim was taken to the hospital with […]

Whitesville Double Murder

Western Kentucky residents are much calmer after an arrest for a Whitesville double murder.  Whitesville is in Daviess County, Kentucky.  Several weeks after an altercation, a 17-year old showed up at a party and shot three people.  Two of those people have died (both teenagers) while another sustained non-life threatening injuries. Authorities intend to try […]