Traffic Stop Resulted in a Somerset Meth Bust

There’s a reason police, detectives, DEA agents and others law enforcement professionals move slowly.  Once they discover a possible drug trafficking situation, they want to make sure their investigation yields the best results possible.  That was the case with a February traffic stop that lead to a much bigger case.  This traffic stop resulted in […]

Owensboro Drug Arrest

I’ve written about karma in a previous post.  Everyone knows there is good karma and there is bad karma.  You have to wonder if a recent Owensboro drug arrest isn’t a case of bad karma.  A man was wanted on an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court.  Police received a Crime Stoppers tip […]

Shepherdsville Traffic Stop Resulted in a Heroin Arrest

A man is now in the Bullitt County jail after being arrested on I-65.  This Shepherdsville traffic stop resulted in a heroin arrest. Police can pull you over for any number of reasons.  Broken brake lights, headlights, turn signals and other items are valid reasons for a traffic stop.  It’s also a quick way for […]

House Fire Leads to Marijuana Bust

Do you believe in karma?  Wave 3 News reported on what I might describe as a case of bad karma.  According to the news, a man was discovered to be cheating with another man’s girlfriend.  The jilted boyfriend decided to set the man’s house on fire.  The fire could have consumed everything the cheating man owned.  […]

75 Pounds of Marijuana was Seized by LMPD

Two men were arrested after a police K-9 detected marijuana in a trailer being towed by a vehicle.  During the stop, for a turn signal violation, 75 pounds of marijuana was seized by LMPD officers. I’ve commented multiple times that police and other authorities often know more about the occurrence of criminal activity than the […]

Potential Henryville Drug Rehab Center

As a Louisville criminal defense lawyer who’s handled hundreds of drug cases in my 27+ years, I’m happy to learn of a proposed Henryville drug rehab center in Southern Indiana.  Now, I’m not yet sure if Jefferson County would be able to send people to this center, but it’s a very positive step for our […]

Corbin Kentucky Drug Bust

There are times when the police are called to a location and find drugs.  The individuals present can be arrested and prosecuted, depending upon the evidence.  At other times, the detectives and prosecutors may wait to see what else they can find out about the people allegedly distributing the drugs.  This was the case in […]

LMPD Found a Stolen Car and Drugs in Prospect

Two men were recently arrested in Prospect.  When the police arrived on the scene to investigate the situation, LMPD found a stolen car and drugs (including heroine and crystal meth).  Other items were also found and appeared to have been stolen. For these two defendants, better planning would have been to their benefit.  When you’re […]

Man Admitted He Had Drugs

News broke on multiple stations about a significant drug bust near Dixie Highway.  Police found 25 pounds of meth and 3 kilos of heroin in the man’s home, along with an unspecified amount of money.  After the arrest, the man admitted he had the drugs in his possession. Rule #1: Don’t Admit Anything The LMPD […]

Moped Driver Arrested on Drug Charges

We’ve all seen police chases in the movies.  Sirens are blaring, tire screeching, fenders getting bent and there maybe even be a few close calls with pedestrians.  It’s exciting.  It’s exhilarating.  It’s nail biting.  I’m not sure this was that kind of chase.  Wave3 ran a story about a moped driver arrested on drug charges. […]